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Amanda Martin-Shaver

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Re: Some of me Poetry, from the heart
4/18/2009 3:32:41 PM

The Forgotten Teddy

Here I'm sitting all alone
In this great big rocking chair
Waiting, waiting for someone
anyone to come
Can anyone hear my prayer?

In this corner all by myself
I wonder if I am -
Considered on the shelf?
I get dusty, because nobody cares
Because my owner is now too old for bears

I know someone out there
Would love to have and own me
Please, get me out of this chair!
Take me home and away from here
Love me and hug me, this is what I do best

I am still hug-able, soft and cuddly
My fur is still in very good nick
I still have my eyes, nose and mouth
Please come get me
take me away from here

Amanda Martin-Shaver

Teddy asks
"Have you hugged someone today?"


Panda's are lovely, panda's are cute
we from Australia and New Zealand would say they are 'bute'
with their black and white coats and black ring around their eyes
have most people gooing and gahing, like they were in paradise

You can usually only see them in the zoos
and they eat a special variety of bamboo
not every country has this food growing
so we must not take panda's away knowing

It would be wonderful if we all could
have them in our own countries for their own good
but alas we can only admire them from afar
At least they are still with us thus far

There are not that many now breeding in the wild
people are pushing further out in the country and taking up their space
Why people are so greedy it is a disgrace
why do they need so much acreage for just one person?

Cutting down trees and clearing the land
shouldn't cutting down all these trees be banned?
Don't they know that we need trees to breath?
We cannot keep relying on the Rain Forestry

That area is getting smaller as the years go by
the waste and devastation I could sit down and cry
what use to provide the main source of oxygen
has now depleted by to much

So people plant some more trees in your back yard
Somewhere to live for the the animals, insects, birds and bees
We need these trees like they need us
together we could make such a difference.

Amanda Martin-Shaver ©

Roger Macdivitt .

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Re: Some of me Poetry, from the heart
4/18/2009 3:37:47 PM

I'm here Teddy

Don't worry


Amanda Martin-Shaver

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Re: Some of me Poetry, from the heart
4/18/2009 3:46:58 PM
Roger *lol*

Maybe Teddy should have been crying out sooner!  *grin*

Amanda Martin-Shaver

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Re: Some of me Poetry, from the heart
5/8/2009 9:38:43 AM

Unwelcome Guests

Bang, crash, scratching, clawing
what in the world? is that sound of gnawing?
there is an animal under the house!
and by the bumping on the floor boards
he is much much bigger than any mouse!

This terrible sound of scampering heard
somersaulting, skittering, it's absurd
bumping, thumping right under my feet
which has me on the edge of my seat
then I hear it around the kitchen sink!

At times I hear it in the walls
has me running for the broom
beating the wall then the floors
I stamp my feet as I walk the room
get out and away you are doomed!

This has been going on for weeks,
which often has me quite freaked,
possum, raccoon, badger, feral cat?
I don't know, but please just scat
there is nothing here for you to eat

This never happens when James is home
same with the mouse, in the lounge he roams
I see a glimpse of him out the corner of my eye
I need a barn cat to cause his demise
our dogs are useless, I guess it is no surprise

I was looking out the bathroom window
to see where the horses were grazing
and there in front of me was this animal gazing
I rushed to the office to retrieve my camera
and took two photos through the window pane

It is a groundhog or Woodchuck in some States
looks a little like a beaver without a flat tail and big teeth
they eat your shrubs, grass and your garden greens
they live in a burrow, but he chose under our house
they dig holes and horses a leg, they can break

Just like the rabbits that we see plenty of
and with Koda contributing to digging big holes
our pasture will be like a wasteland, bare in spots
now that I know what is causing the grass to dry out
Unwelcome guests be gone, scat, shoo, or you'll be shot,

Amanda Martin-Shaver ©
6 May 2009

Amanda Martin-Shaver

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Re: Some of me Poetry, from the heart
5/10/2009 12:02:43 PM

Chyna, Goodbye

All good and bad things must come to an end
so we say goodbye to our dear friend
we had you since you were six month old
but you had to get out, you couldn't be told

you were our Houdini, nothing was too hard
why did you have to escape, was it for a laugh?
I put you inside an electric fence
you slipped on through, it had no defense

It was not enough to get out, you had to take your sister
in the freezing snow we had to go and get you
lead you back through the neighbours land
or drive miles around the road lead you in hand

we put in a gateway and gave you more room
you were happy for awhile yet all too soon
you were out again and cut your leg real bad
you could have bled to death and made your Papa sad

We thought you would be happy with us for a long time
you are of such amiable nature, taking everything in stride
your papa had hoped you would both go for a ride
we waited until you were older so your bones were strong

All winter long this year you stayed inside
you did not even look, attempt to even try
yet as soon spring came, you were out again
until a neighbour called me up to complain

a very hard decision about you had to be made
we could not keep you anymore your bed was made
we put you up for sale and soon you were bought
and today you left on the trailer, going to the north

Papa could not be here to see you on your way
he could not bare to be around to give you a wave
he loves you, so don't forget to remember me
Goodbye dear friend, the month you turned three

At your new home their fences are sturdier and I think you will stay put
with your new owner who loved you on her first look
new playmates and new lessons, being ridden daily
you'll love it and I know you'll do dandy

Papa and I will come and visit you real soon
see how you are doing, and what you have learned
I know you miss Harmony as she misses you
I will tend her more daily so she will not be blue

Amanda Martin-Shaver ©
9 May 2009


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