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Cheryl Baxter

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Re: Forum Activity - Question - What can you do to get people to read your messages?
3/22/2009 11:45:52 PM
Hi Tim,

Long time no see.  I was sent here by Roger from one of his forum threads. Of late I have taken some internet marketing classes from someone who made over 4.6 M online in 2008. 

From what I have learned from him, you are right on as far as online marketing. The social networking is crucial, as well as blogging, etc.  I haven't perfected my approach, but I do know that just from following a few of this guys tips that we are seeing an increase in traffic, & hopefully sales.  The thing marketing is not just doing one or two things once, & then you can sit back and collect your cash pouring in to your bank account. 

There are systems that have to be put into place.  Using key words, doing the research on which ones you're going to use because of their online commercial intent & so on.  The deeper you drive the use of key words through blogs, online article posting, hubpages, social sites, websites, word press, squidoo, etc., the more success you will have.

My business partner & I are just beginning to really get a few of these things in place & due to our both working other aspects of our business, this in no small task in that it's quite time consuming. So, for now...we are taking it as we can & trying to implement some of the things we have been learning about.  And of course, just because you know about something is no sign that you'll have success, the real trick is to implement what you have learned.  Also, what about pinging your sites as you post new content, listing in online directories, participating in online forums, etc....etc....and so forth!

For me, it's been a real eye opener to learn how the online gurus make so much money.  Most of them won't tell you the whole picture, & they don't tell you that there are really NO SHORTCUTS!

I don't believe that most people are any more informed than I was about online marketing & I was actually quite blown away when I really started to learn what is necessary to make a really huge online income.

 There are many actions a marketer must be constantly doing & it can be quite overwhelming.

One must decide what they really want to do, & if it's to make a significant online income...the actions to take are many & having others do some of the work is the only viable way that I see to get it all done.  We have a number of resources now that I hadn't even heard of before we took the classes. 

I hope you are doing well Tim, & I hope this input is helpful to someone.  Let me know how you are doing & if you have any questions or input I will welcome these.

Take care Tim,

Cheryl "browse our current properties" "check out our real estate blog" "online bibles, books, music, more"
Thomas Richmond

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Re: Forum Activity - Question - What can you do to get people to read your messages?
3/25/2009 12:25:16 PM

Thanks Cheryl for your invite,

Hey Tim what's up buddy, warm enough in Canada for ya? LOL.

I have to agree with Chery on the Keywords my friend, there are times when i get between 1000 to 2000 views on a single forum thread and then there are time where i get only 10 views,

your siggy has a lot to do with it, it pleases google search engines a lot if the right keywords are implimented.

I don't believe it's the members who fail to post when somthing isn't interesting enough to do so.

The Content and Keywords my friends are what makes things happen :) Have a good week, keep warm!

God_bless you friends :)

Bizzy Thomas

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Jill Bachman

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Re: Forum Activity - Question - What can you do to get people to read your messages?
3/27/2009 4:02:46 AM

Hi Tim,

What an awesome message and topic!

I am somewhere between Roger and Myrna here (probably because it is late and I am tired) but..........

We can all be sure of one thing:  THE SUBJECT LINE (and subject matter) is the most important of all.

The next most important thing is that the reader immediately perceives that he/she is NOT being SOLD!  Selling people leaves NO room for a reply.

That is my best shot for an old tired mind late at

Thank you my friend,   Jill

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