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Tim Southernwood

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Forum Activity - Question - What can you do to get people to read your messages?
3/13/2009 4:22:49 PM
Hi Everyone,

As most of you already know, I don't allow any advertising here. This forum was intended to be something different, an "eddy" in the current of commercial messages, a pause in the "maelstrom" of marketing, a place to recharge, reset a little, and hopefully learn something. A safe place to discuss matters of marketing interest to all of us, as we have all jumped into the same boat of internet marketing..

To the point however. I created another forum strictly for all those "marketing messages" that I frown on here. That forum is called 


I felt at the time it was a useful outlet for my friends who just have an itchy "trigger finger" and NEED to post their marketing messages.
Ok OK.... I admit it..
I needed a place to post my marketing messages too..

The thing is.. and I think you'll spot the issue is that the people who do submit posts seem to get at most 1-3 views and generally 0 replies. See the numbers here
Of course I have the advantage of having the names of the members on that forum and they are all notified of my messages when I post something...

But that just reinforces my point. WHY POST SOMETHING IF NOBODY KNOWS TO LOOK??
What is the benefit of taking the time to post in a forum where there's VERY LITTLE chance of your work ever being seen??

My second point is, even if the posts were seen.. it would only be by other marketers selling a different flavor of the same product!

So I'm hoping through fruitful discussion that we'll get to the answers of the question posed by the title of this forum thread.

What can you do to get people to read your messages?

Quite often in this forum I will get quite a few views, and even a good number of responses. Why?
Because I'm not selling anything. People aren't expecting the "salesman" at the door, or on the they are open to come, read, and participate.

So.. do people read the classifieds online? The safe list mails? The FFA's? Do you!?

I didn't think so...

So how are YOU getting people to read your messages? How do you get them to take interest in what you have to offer, knowing that if it looks like a sales job you'll be wasting your time...

Ok. Someone just said by email, so I'll cancel that one out. Most people don't have a large enough email list of OPT-IN recipients to make many sales of their product.

So how else?

I can say that a lot of people are looking to online social communities like YouTube, Myspace, Twitter, and Facebook as THE place to market, and I'd agree with a condition.. you REALLY have to know your stuff to manage to talk with people about your "products" without it seeming like a salespitch. One sniff of a sales job..and they are like.. GONE!

But these communities when used as part of an overall strategy of building a rapport with a larger audience, with generating a credibility with potential clients.. using these communitites can be a powerful sales tactic.

Something else that really pays off, although it can take quite some time, is blogging, but the process is similar in that the moment your content appears to be a sales pitch you've lost the attention of your visitors (unless they are totally targeted and in a buying mood)
Most people aren't like that though are they..... no...

I know it all seems very complex, but in today's marketing world.. if you aren't doing all these things, i.e.: Social marketing, Blogging, Article writing, Email, PPC, classifieds, and other advertising.., then you are just doing part of the job that it takes to really succeed online.

So.. I've take a lot of time to flesh out the topic. I'd really like to see some responses and thoughts on the matter. Let's make this a worthy post to help those who are struggling to find their success.

You may also note that I utilize a particular strategy in everything I do these days, and this post is just part of that.
I try to write something interesting and sprinkle a few links where I want people to go. By writing something interesting it's intended that people will be curious and click the links. (If I was being totally focused on the effectiveness I'd be tracking the links too, but I didn't have time for that today ;-) )

Thanks all.. and looking forward to your replies.

Tim Southernwood/Get eH² Packs!/BlogNet Awards We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit - Aristotle
Roger Macdivitt .

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Re: Forum Activity - Question - What can you do to get people to read your messages?
3/13/2009 6:11:50 PM

Hello Tim,

What a great subject and reasonable requests.

The first problem that I see is that IF somebody has a successful system that is really working will they want to tell?

I am happy to tell about one system that I use because it won't work unless the initial friendship building has been done.

I don't make friends to do business with. I love Adland and the community spirit here. My friends here are the best I have on the internet and are supportive. I don't take advantage though.

I KNOW that if I was taking part in a program that needed numbers in the first few day I could ask folk to join under me AND THEY WOULD. To date I haven't done this, but, I have done it for others.

What has happened though is this. If I advertise AND GET A RESULT I THANK PEOPLE. I also make it known that I had success.

I recently signed under a program that I was VERY excited about. I advertised the program in a couple of Adlands invitation forums and I also did a direct message to my friends. I got several signups. I then posted a message that genuinely stated THANK YOU to all my friends who signed under me. Others saw this and also joined and I gained 16 sign-ups. Over the next few days I gained another four. Out of 24 people that have signed up, 20 are Adland members (I know because those names I didn't know personally I entered into people search and found) I then thanked them for joining and offered support.

The program that I advertised is in pre-launch so I can't encourage folks much at present, that will have to come later, however, I shall be encouraging them to advertise THEIR links to enlarge the network long-term.

SUPPORT is the biggest tool. If you know how to run a business DUPLICATE YOUR EFFORTS. Simple, constantly taught, but not done.

You may have noted that in the past I gave out my intention of setting up a GROUP system where peoples' OFFLINE skills AND ONLINE skills were made use of BY THE GROUP for mutual benefit.

I will not elaborate further other than to say, I have challenges with areas of marketing, but I love to talk to people. If I have a member who is a brilliant list-builder via list building sites and autoresponders I will ask them to work with me on my list whilst talking to their folk that they find difficulty in doing. The same goes for all aspects within the group. If there is a financial expert or a web designer, Guess what?

There are many pitfalls to the building of such a group, hence the time scale, however, it will be worth it. It's a bit like an online SUPER CO-OPERATIVE. Mine is called the Glacial Movement because it moves slowly but relentlessly forward (see old forum)

I have a long way to go as I have to consult big-time but I now have heavy-hitters interested.

I hope that this is usefull and of interest.


Nick Sym

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Re: Forum Activity - Question - What can you do to get people to read your messages?
3/13/2009 11:34:01 PM
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Mary Bird

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Re: Forum Activity - Question - What can you do to get people to read your messages?
3/14/2009 9:19:41 PM

Start off with a little bit of you. Each time I recall an interesting day or happening in my life, I make a note of it. I am never without pen and notebook.

I listen to people talk. Then ask permission to print a couple paragraphs about what happened to him.

Then invite people to be your friend. Give them the link. Ask friends to post in your business forums.( I have 3 ). Give the link. I say look at the top of my profile for the word Forum Or Ask me to be friends.

Last, give a few business links. Never shout your business. People hate it. I do too.

Myrna Ferguson

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Re: Forum Activity - Question - What can you do to get people to read your messages?
3/15/2009 6:12:06 PM
Hi Tim,

This is a good question.  I would just like to listen to all this.  thanks,


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