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Nick Sym

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Re: The Smile. Nothing does it better.
12/7/2008 1:52:03 AM
OK Everybody, tell me you have been to a community with more love than this place and I will be forced to call you a liar !

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Re: The Smile. Nothing does it better.
12/7/2008 11:38:41 PM

Hello Again St. Nick and Patricia

   At the risk of having our love meter take a hit, here is a little political humor. I just couldn't help myself. LOL.

Whether Democrat or Republican, you should get a kick out of this! 

A little boy goes to his dad and asks, ' What is Politics? ' Dad
says, ' Well son, let me try to explain it this way: I am the head of the
family , so call me The President. Your mother is the administrator of the
money, so! we call her the

Government. We are here to take care of your needs, so we will call you

the People. The nanny, we will consider her the

Working Class. And your baby brother,

we will call him the Future. Now think
about that and see if it makes sense. ' S o the little boy! Goes off to bed
thinking about what Dad has said. Later that night, he hears his baby brother
crying, so he gets up to check on him. He finds that the baby has severely

soiled his diaper. So the little boy goes to his parents ' room and finds
his mother asleep. Not wanting to wake her, he goes to the nanny ' s room
Finding the door locked, he peeks in the keyhole and sees his father in bed with
the nanny. He gives up and goes back to bed.The next morning, the little boy
says to his father, ' Dad, I think I understand the concept of politics now.
' The father says, ' Good, son, tell me in your own words what you think
politics is all about. ' The little boy replies,

'The President is screwing the Working Class while the Government is sound

The People are being ignored and the

Future is in deep shit.

Sincerely, Billdaddy

May a smile follow you to sleep each night and,,,,,be there waiting,,,,,when you awaken Sincerely, Billdaddy
Jill Bachman

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Re: The Smile. Nothing does it better.
12/8/2008 1:01:31 AM

Hi BillDaddy,

I aboslutely LOVE this post!   I am still laughing with tears in my  eyes as I type this!!!!

I am afraid to ask............ill feelings having to do with politics?????  I don't wanna know................hehehehe

Love you anyway!!!   :-)

Hugs,  Jill
Re: The Smile. Nothing does it better.
12/9/2008 1:04:12 PM
Hello Jill Yes, as hard as it is to believe, Politics is a turkey's worst enemy. It ruffles more feathers than a shotgun. Never talk politics around the table,,,,,,,on Thanksgiving Day. It is just too confusing. According to Mac Anderson of Simple Truths, we need at least 12 good laughs per day in order to stay healthy. Here is enough to last you 2 days. Founder, Simple Truths 25 quotes from Laughter is an Instant Vacation I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls. They always say, "Because it's such a beautiful animal." There you go. I think my mother is attractive, but I have photographs of her. -Ellen DeGeneres Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first. -Ronald Reagan I am a marvelous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man, I keep his house. -Zsa Zsa Gabor If you look like your passport photo, you're too ill to travel. -Will Kommen Every day I get up and look through the Forbes list of the richest people in America. If I'm not there, I go to work. -Robert Orben Misers aren't fun to live with, but they make wonderful ancestors. -David Brenner My therapist told me the way to achieve true inner peace is to finish what I start. So far I've finished two bags of M&Ms and a chocolate cake. I feel better already. -Dave Barry I'm tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin-deep. That's deep enough. What do you want - an adorable pancreas? -Jean Kerr My doctor is wonderful. Once, when I couldn't afford an operation, he touched up the x-rays. -Joey Bishop I'm not going to vacuum �til Sears makes one you can ride on. -Roseanne Barr To attract men, I wear a perfume called New Car Interior. -Rita Rudner If you love something, set it free. Unless it's chocolate. Never release chocolate. -Renee Duvall The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for 30 years she served us nothing but leftovers. The original meal has never been found. -Calvin Trillin I haven't spoken to my wife in years. I didn't want to interrupt her. -Rodney Dangerfield Always go to other people's funerals, otherwise they won't come to yours. -Yogi Berra My grandmother was a very tough woman. She buried three husbands and two of them were just napping. -Rita Rudner My husband wanted one of those big-screen TV's for his birthday. So I just moved his chair closer to the one we have already. -Wendy Liebman I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. -Douglas Adams I have an aunt who married so late in life that Medicare picked up 80 percent of the honeymoon. -Don Reber I hate housework - you make the beds, you do the dishes - and six months later you have to start all over again. -Joan Rivers My grandmother is over eighty and still doesn't need glasses. Drinks right out of the bottle. -Henny Youngman Inside me there's a thin person struggling to get out, but I can usually sedate him with four or five cupcakes. -Bob Thaves I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food. -W.C. Fields Insanity doesn't run in my family. It gallops. -Cary Grant When I go to the beauty parlor, I always use the emergency entrance. Sometimes I just go for an estimate. -Phyllis Diller Click here for more information on Laughter is an Instant Vacation. The article above was excerpted from the book Laughter is an Instant Vacation. It is reprinted here with permission. You may share this story as long as you do not edit the content; leave the links and this resource box intact. NOTE: If you received this email from a friend and want to join our list please click here. Sincerely, Billdaddy
May a smile follow you to sleep each night and,,,,,be there waiting,,,,,when you awaken Sincerely, Billdaddy
Re: The Smile. Nothing does it better.
12/15/2008 11:36:28 AM

Greetings All

   Here is a little Christmas Poem that I found. It was written especially for you Mother's out there,,,,,who feel a little stressed at Christmas time.

A Mother's Night Before Christmas

'Twas was the night before Christmas, when all thru the abode,
only one creature was stirring, and she was cleaning the commode.
The children were finally sleeping, all snug in their beds,
while visions of Nintendo Wii and Barbie, flipped through their heads.

The dad was snoring in front of the TV,
with a half-constructed bicycle on his knee.
So only the mom heard the reindeer hooves clatter,
which made her sigh, "Now what's the matter?"

With toilet bowl brush still clutched in her hand,
she descended the stairs, and saw the old man.
He was covered with ashes and soot, which fell with a shrug.
"Oh great," muttered the mom, "Now I have to clean the rug."

"Ho-ho-ho!" cried Santa, "I'm glad you're awake."
"Your gift was especially difficult to make."
"Thanks, Santa, but all I want is some time alone."
"Exactly!" he chuckled, "I've made you a clone."

"A clone?" she asked, "What good is that?
Run along, Santa, I've no time for chit-chat."

The mother's twin. Same hair, same eyes,
same double chin. "She'll cook, she'll dust, "
she'll mop every mess. You'll relax, take it easy,
watch The Young & the Restless." "Fantastic!" the mom cheered.
"My dream come true! "I'll shop. I'll read., I'll sleep a whole night
through! "

From the room above, the youngest began to fret.
"Mommy?! I scared... and I 'm wet."

The clone replied, "I'm coming, sweetheart."
"Hey," the mom smiled, "She knows her part."
The clone changed the small one, and hummed a tune,
as she bundled the child, in a blanket cocoon.

"You the best mommy ever. " I really love you."
The clone smiled and sighed, "I love you, too."
The mom frowned and said, "Sorry, Santa, no deal. "
That's my child's love, she's trying to steal."

Smiling wisely Santa said, "To me it is clear, "
Only one loving mother, is needed here."

The mom kissed her child, and tucked her into bed.
"Thank you, Santa, " for clearing my head.
I sometimes forget, it won't be very long,
when they'll be too old, for my cradle-song."

The clock on the mantle began to chime.
Santa whispered to the clone, "It works every time."
With the clone by his side Santa said, "Goodnight.
Merry Christmas, Mom, You'll be all right.

May a smile follow you to sleep each night and,,,,,be there waiting,,,,,when you awaken Sincerely, Billdaddy

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