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Michael Derowin

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Troubled Souls
8/15/2008 5:34:20 AM

Troubled Ones


There are people every place

you would like to travel,

So all of your wonders would

begin to unravel. 


Now there seems to be not a place

to hide from emotions, 

With the big waves that are just like any

seek and destroy promotions.


Needing the trouble caused in how

they chose destruction to live,

Never having a good thing to say or

a good deed in which to give.                


Always relying on their gift of being

the cause of any type of trouble,

Only because that their own lives 

have started turning to rubble.


These are the sour type of people who we

should always be leaving all alone,

The fighting they leave behind is worse

than leaving sour meat on a bone.


Partying with joy on the turmoil that

they can always start,

They never feel that great until they

stab you in your broken Heart. 


Getting energized when they can

start to feel the pain,

Knowing all to well that they have

left a desired pain.


Now we have their secrets and know

what on which they strive,

Be cheerful and watch their Spirit dwindle

and their power take a dive.              


Showing Love to everyone you happen to

come in touch with and around,

Until all these negative people and Spirits

are no where to be found.


So now is the time that we can out of

Happiness raise our voices,

Because all of a sudden we have begun

to make the proper choices.


Written by

Michael Derowin


Michael Galante

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Re: Troubled Souls
8/15/2008 8:38:52 AM


Well done what a poem for so many people that are hurting out there. It is time to take our own power back and start to LOVE and LIVE completely daily!

When we make new choices our lives take a new direction and just like you stated in your well done poem once this takes place "the negative people and spirits are no where to be found"

Keep up the great work!

Your name says it all MICHAEL... This name stands for peace and harmony no matter what the cost!!!

Your Marketing Helper,

Michael Galante :o)

1-631-363-0079 EST

Judy Smith

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Re: Troubled Souls
8/15/2008 8:39:50 AM

Hi Michael!

What a great poem and message!!  The world is troubled and every day more and more people become troubled as well.  More should adopt the positive attitude, and count blessings and be grateful!!

As always, I thank you for sharing your talents and poetry here at Adland.


Michael Derowin

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Re: Troubled Souls
8/15/2008 9:03:23 AM


I would like to welcome you to  my forum Michael. Thank-you for sharing your thoughts with us all. This is a Lesson that has happened recently to myself, but I did learn the lesson well as you have just read.

Michael the other side of this Lesson is for you to be able to forgive and forget by pushing it aside.

Come back and visit again Michael and thank-you also for the meaning of "MICHAEL".


Kari Shinal

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Re: Troubled Souls
8/15/2008 9:09:56 AM
My Poet Friend and Partner :)

So much of life is based on choices. Some days we are unsure of what they should be, but always if we truly follow our hearts we see that the choices we make are our own and truthfully can only be shouldered by ourselves. Some choose positive, some negative, but in the end somewhere along the line someone will feel it. A Universal outcome as I see it.

At times those choices made in error actually reveal to us the need to change our own hearts and help others make positive changes in their own lives. It is a matter of self realization turning to a positive outlook and ultimately the potential to create positive changes in others.

Now that is what I call a Perk!

Looking to my own heart :)
Your Poet Friend and Partner
Kari Shinal

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