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Re: What in Hell are you promoting???
5/15/2008 7:39:31 PM


I believe you are hitting the nail on the head and driving it home.

I have to agree with you when it comes to some of the promotions that come across my desk and screen?

It is my personal feelings that there are so many people that are trying to make a quick dollar that they will try anything, and never investigate the legality of a program.  They swallow the "Hype" and then get lost in the "Smoke Screen" and think they are going to get rich overnight!!!!!

Network Marketing is a profession and should be treated as such.  If so called marketers were to go to a business professional of any type and they lied to them and took their money, they would holler foul and want the person arested.

But here we are online and the scams abound, and marketers are floundering trying to earn a few dollars.

Now there are some that are making a very substancial income, and this can be determined by several factors.

Factor 1 is they have been promoting the same program for several years, slowy building a strong customer base by locating "Like Minded People" that have the same desire, and are willing to use a product or service and then consistantly promote the program.

Factor 2: They are willing to reinvest some of the revenue they earn on sources that will locate other "Like Minded" people that may want to do the same business.

Factor 3: These marketers are Sponsers that will see that the marketers that join with them, will get the training they deserve in order for them to become a sucess in a business.

Factor4: A sincere marketer will never introduce another person into a program unless they are sure the new marketer will be able to begin earning enough income with just a few customers to cover their operating expenses.

Factor 5: The sincere marketer will never introduce other marketers into programs that "Front Load", or where the 'Primary Money" is made from recruting instead of the long term residual income that builds month after month. 

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Re: What in Hell are you promoting???
5/16/2008 9:19:12 AM
Hello Ken Great question! In my opinion they just don't care, they are so desperate in need to earn a couple bucks without thinking at all what the longterm concequences are for their credibility. That's I believe, so many people are skeptical joining legitimate businesses, because they have to work it, like any other business and that can take years to earn significant income. Chris
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Re: What in Hell are you promoting???
5/16/2008 10:06:53 AM
hey ken,

It is like you always say .. IT"S all about the money they don't' care if the programs they are promoting are legal or not .. they are chasing the money and will do what ever it takes to line their pockets .. !

 Most gifting programs say as long as its a gift it is legal and it is not .. but they lead their people to believe they are as long as you don't give more than 11,000 bucks in cash a year .. but here is what they don't understand .. they can get into hot water with the IRS by what is called INCOME TAX evasion .. Al Capone went down for that not the murders he committed he was imprisoned for  tax evasion .. !

I am not sure if it is ignorance or greed or maybe a little of both that drives people to even entertain these kinds of programs.. !


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Re: What in Hell are you promoting???
5/17/2008 5:24:14 PM
Hi Kenneth,

If people take to heart the valuable information that has been posted her, e  a few illusions will be shattered, when some people realise that they should be looking more closely at the programmes they have joined, and the fact that they may even get paid doesnt make an illegal programme legal.

Funnily enough, there is one trend that is becoming more and more noticable. If you to a promoter, privately or on a forum, to ask questions about an online opportunity, these questions are seen as an attack in many cases!!  You are accused of a lack of trust or whatever you want to call it.  I have even seen a few attacks of pure rage and as this is a public forum - i will not even try to quote some of the vitreol I have seen written in answer to questions made to a few companies that have been advertised here at our very own AdlandPro!LOL.  Whatever happened to the right to do due diligence!  If you cant defend the legality and business structure of your opportunity - what on earth are you doing promoting it?

Hopefully, as the authorities, worldwide, catch up with the fast moving internet world, it will become easier to outlaw some of the outrageous "opportunities" offered on the internet.  And get rid of some of those promoters who treat the internet programmes as their personal nest egg,  irrespective of the financial welfare of the people who they have recruited.

Offline, this kind of business is considered "sharp" and unethical.  But once online, people seem to switch their common sense off.



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