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Jim Allen

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Has this ever happened to you?
4/24/2008 2:54:20 PM

I was in a open conference room not long ago for a presentation.

During the presentation the discusssion led to planning and some other basics. 

The resources for these topics were all off their main site.
So I asked in text chat:
"Should we look elsewhere for this information rather than your niche site?"

I was immediately banned from from the room and the site, to my surprise.

I have thought about this for a while and decided to ask if you could help explain why this action was taken. 

So here are the questions to be answered.

Did I do something wrong?

Was the action appropiate?

Did the owner do the right thing?

How would you react if this was done to you?


If you've been following what's been going on in the last few days in the Internet Marketing scene then I'm sure by now you've at least heard about how hard it is to market by email lately.  Please Read On!

A lot of people are saying really good things about the site, but are they true?

I decided to write up an honest review of the site, covering what I believe to be its strengths and its weaknesses, just to clear it up once and for all...

======================================= - Strengths and Weaknesses =======================================
  Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5 stars (* * * * 1/2)
  In A Nutshell
  A catchy new viral marketing tool, capable of broadcasting
  messages directly to people's desktops.  Easy to use, and
  caters primarily to those who have something they want to
  promote and are looking for a better way to do it.
  (Read on for why I didn't give it 5 stars)

  1. Initial Impressions
  When I was first introduced to, I wasn't
  quite sure exactly what to think.  Everyone was saying it was
  going to be more powerful than e-mail marketing, but this
  seemed like too bold of a claim.
  I signed up anyway, since I usually give things a chance --
  that's how I have found the several sites I do really trust
  and rely on.
  The signup process did take about 60 seconds, as advertised,
  and their software program downloaded and installed in about
  30 seconds.  No long, tedious install processes here.  If you
  own downloadable software, you might want to take a look at
  how quick their install process is.
  Right after installing the software, it ran immediately, and
  I was quickly presented with a tool to invite my friends.
  Within one-click's access was my Inbox, the tool to send
  broadcasts, a statistics page, and my favorite, the "Build
  Your Network" page.
  I'll get more into why that's my favorite page later.
  2. Viral Growth
  This is where the site really shines, in my opinion.  The
  purpose of a viral marketing site is that you should be able
  to invite just a few people, and then it will start growing
  on its own.
  Many sites claim to work like this, but few actually work as
  I'm not sure if it's because of their unique concept or the
  slick implementation, but this site is REALLY viral.  Here's
  some of the testimonials they got, which I think sum it up
  pretty well:
      "I haven't ever seen a system build a downline so
      fast. I joined your program just to try something
      new.  Four days later I had a downline of 43 people.
      This is unbelievable." 
           ~ Harry Joseph
      "I invited just a handful of people only a few days
      ago and I already have 48 members on 5 levels below
      me.  I am going to keep promoting this, but I see it
      has a life of it's own now. I couldn't stop my
      network from expanding if I wanted to!"

           ~ David Parton
     "This website is so viral - I received over 100
     sign-ups and my network is already 5 levels deep in
     less than 48 hours."

           ~ Rene Keiser
  Although they obviously can't guarantee results for anyone,
  the general consesus is that most people who do get those
  initial few people in are experiencing results similar to
  I give an A+ for spreading like wildfire.
  3. Direct-To-Desktop Broadcasts
  So, once you have the people in your network from the direct
  invitations and the viral growth, then it really gets cool.
  Now is when you get to broadcast whatever message you want
  directly to their desktops.
  Gone are the days of sending out emails and wondering if
  they were received due to spam filters and crowded inboxes.
  If you upgrade to their Platinum membership, then you can even
  get exact statistics on the percentage of your broadcasts that
  were opened, but the Platinum membership is not the subject
  of this review.
  Here's how it works -- the software is
  what allows the direct-to-desktop communication to be
  received. Since everyone in your network will have the application installed, just as you do,
  this is what allows such smooth and instant communication
  to occur.
  Within one hour of your sending the message, everyone in your
  network who is online will receive a notification on their
  desktop that they can click to read your message.
  Anyone who isn't online at the time will receive it when they
  log on next.
  I'm sure you can see why this type of communication has been
  more successful than email as of late, so I won't get into
  it too much here. The basic point though is that there's no
  way your message can be lost, overlooked, or blocked by any
  If you upgrade to their Platinum service you can do things
  like embed video and sound right into the broadcast, but
  again, I'll save the Platinum service for another review.
  4. Building Your Network
  Most sites out there nowadays don't really help you build a
  network of people below you.  They just throw you a URL and
  tell you to run with it.
  While this works for most advanced people, it's not something
  that's very easy for people who are just starting out. went really far this time to make sure
  that everyone has a way to bring people into their network,
  regardless of skill level.
  When you click on the "Build Your Network" link from within
  their application, you'll be presented with a surprising
  number of tools to help you build your downline.
  Everything from banners, to popups, to text ads, to invitation
  tools, to emails to send out, etc.
  Then, they continue to offer something which I haven't seen on
  any Internet Marketing site yet -- they have a "Starting From
  Scratch" section, designed specifically for people who have
  no list and no website with traffic.
  If you're in that position, then you'll love this section,
  since they detail specific strategies you can use to promote (or anything for that matter), even if
  you don't have anything to start with.
  Quite a valuable resource.
  5. Not For Everyone
  With all that said, the only downside to
  is that it's not for everyone.
  Of course, some might see that as an upside, since it's a more
  targetted opportunity.
  Basically, the bottom line is that is a
  promotional tool.  You need to have something you want to
  promote or advertise before you can really make use of the
  This is all due to the fact that the basic concept is that
  you build a viral network of people, and then broadcast
  something to it.
  But, this "something" is whatever you want, so you must
  already have something you'd want to send to a lot of people.
  If you don't have something yet, you could start building your
  network first, and then once you get something to promote
  you'll be ready to launch it immediately.
  If you do have something to promote, that's when the site
  really shines.
  6. Conclusion
  I would recommend this site to anyone who has something to
  promote or advertise.
  It definitely works, and your downline will grow extremely
  fast if you put some energy into getting it started.
  The direct-to-desktop broadcasts are a killer app in today's
  online climate, where emails barely even get through anymore.
  The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that it has
  nothing to offer for people who don't have anything to
  promote or advertise yet.
  If you want to advertise or promote something to a lot of
  people in a unique and poweful way, then this site is for

At any rate, my general opinion is that since it's so quick to set up and try, if you have something you want to promote you might as well go check it out.

You can always remove it later if you decide you don't like it.

Here's the link where you can sign up:

Enjoy! :)

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May Wisdom and the knowledge you gained go with you,

Jim Allen III
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Peter Fogel

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Re: Has this ever happened to you?
4/24/2008 3:07:01 PM
Hello Jim,

What a great idea my friend. First of all let me say I voted. MY VOTE IS IN!!!!! :)

People might say that I'm biased since I was also banned and kicked out a few minutes after you were (as were 3 other people). You ask if they were right in doing so after you asked a simple question in the chat option and the obvious answer is of course they were wrong.

BUT I have an additional question. You were kicked out after typing in a question; I was banned and kicked out with our even doing that. So, maybe we should start another poll and ask again right or wrong.

Oh, did I mention that one of the other 3 was a 13 year old girl that did absolutely nothing aside from ask why every body was banned and kicked out. Maybe another poll is required. :)


Peter Fogel
Babylon 7
Heidi Stern

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Re: Has this ever happened to you?
4/24/2008 4:03:03 PM


I voted for wrong!
If it had happened to me, I would have removed myself from their list. Seems to me that if asking questions is a problem then someone is hiding something.

Just my opinion.. Best of luck to you..


Heidi Stern ~ Your Friend in Wellness
Jim Allen

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Re: Has this ever happened to you?
4/24/2008 4:25:07 PM

Thanks Peter and Heidi, for participating in the poll.  With friends such as you, one has no worries, because of you.

May Wisdom and the knowledge you gained go with you,

Jim Allen III
Skype: JAllen3D
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Sheryl Loch

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Re: Has this ever happened to you?
4/26/2008 12:21:03 PM
Hey Jim,
I am a bit late getting here.

As you know I have worked many hours in open to the public conference rooms. I always had an answer for anything ask. Sometimes that answer may be that 'I will have to get back to you' or that 'I will need to find someone that knows the answer'. I never banned them just because I did not know an answer to their question.

If you find that 1 person has a question about your presentation, then it is very likely that others have the same question.

If you are in a conference room you better be ready for anything. If you are giving out info you better be prepared to back it up.

To me, if you have to ban someone when they ask a question then, you must be afraid to back up your claims.

Just think if you walked into a brick & mortar store, you started asking about their products or services - then they just shoved you out the door & locked it. Now, how long would they be in business?

I know that the 13 y/o was told she was was welcome in the room any time. Her question as to why everyone was getting banned was not out of line or rude. BUT, because she ask a question she was also banned.

One other time I was in a conference room & ask a question, directly related to the product claims, that the presenter beat around the bush & never did give me an answer - I knew then that it was a scam.

Sheryl Loch

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