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Bob Needham

Bob Needham
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About Me
About Me
I am just like you.

It has struck me that for the most part we are all in the same boat. We AdLandians are paddling the waterways, trying to better our lives, improve our financial situation, and not having the success that we imagined. All of us, (regardless of, or perhaps because of, the promise of internet riches), cannot even afford to help a friend out with a few bucks. We are struggling to pay our own bills.

I know, with my own situation, a couple of bucks isn’t gonna make a difference in my budget, one way or another, if I lose a five dollar bill, added catastrophes will not occur, likewise, if I find 20 bucks, I wouldn’t use it to pay my mortgage. But if I suddenly received a lump sum of a thousand dollars, that would be HUGE in helping my life! I COULD pay down a credit card, I COULD get the car fixed, and I COULD treat my extremely patient wife to something really nice.

This is what I want to make happen… every Monday I want to send an AdLandian hundreds of dollars. An amount that WILL make a difference in their life, an amount that WILL give them a chance to get ahead, an amount that WILL allow them to fulfill their dream.

Of course, I need your help in making this happen. If you want to be on the receiving end of this windfall, you have to also be on the giving end. That’s the deal. There is no recruiting, no downline, and no program. Just send me two bucks and I will pool it and send it ALL to Monday’s recipient. Everybody who participates will also benefit. If your name comes up, you get the windfall, or you can donate it to another participant. Every week you play, I will add another slip of paper with your name on it, to the hat. I hope this will build so that every week an Adlandian will collect a couple of hundred dollars.

Wouldn't that be nice?

Here is the link; Adland Windfall

Thank you


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Jan (aka) Jaz Green - (1/5/2010 4:54:59 PM) : Happy Birthday
Susan Freeman - (11/12/2005 7:09:37 AM) : Hello !

I gave you a ten rating - because you deserve it - for all that you do for others.
Have an Awesome Day !!
David @retiredteacherd Follow Me On Twitter - (10/24/2005 8:08:55 PM) : Hey Bob,

I am a geek. You are in marketing. Typically we do not like each other. That is not the case with you. I have really grown to love and appreciate your great heart here at AdlandPro. You are definitely a professional I respect. Your attention to details that affect other people is admirable.

Thank you for being my friend. When I need cheered, I go find your picture and I feel better.

Three Cheers for Bob!
Nathalie Lalonde - (9/15/2005 8:32:31 PM) : Allo Bob,
oui je suis francaise. Je viens aussi du quebec. It's nice to find someone from canada on adlandpro community. If you like the custom homes, look at this opps ;
it might interest you even more since it could make you save money on your phone bill plus you can earn money from it too. It's going to be really big even here in canada. Look at the little video it's says it all.
Take care
P.S. I like your pranks can they deliver in canada too.
Sandra Martineau - (9/4/2005 12:45:36 PM) : You are a great friend Bob, with a heart of gold.
Stay sweet my friend.. lol
Jeffrey Obrien - (8/4/2005 5:44:58 AM) : Bob,
I am rating you as a friend and for that I give you 10+ as we are what we say creatures of habbit,as such we stop sometimes and remember our good mates.Today I am remembering you Bob Needham.

Thank you Bob for just being my friend.


Jeffrey OBrien
Dave Young - (7/30/2005 5:21:03 PM) : Hello Bob,
Thank you for your outstanding contributions to my forums. It is people like you that make Adland such a great community. Once again thank you so much.

Your friend,

Dave Young
MariaMyrna Kim - (7/10/2005 5:22:47 AM) : Frank & honest with a very good sense of humor that would not let someone shiver in an awesome feeling.

Honestly, I did enjoy and remembered my brother in heaven!
France Robert - (6/22/2005 11:36:02 PM) : Oops... that didn't make much sense... Uh... well what am I supposed to do now? I said friendship and friend in the same sentence... oh well... :)
Sweetgrame :-) - (6/12/2005 11:06:48 PM) : Hello Bob, How are you doing? I hope you like the rating I gave you, if you don't, let me know, & I'll take it back. :-)

Take care my friend,
Sweetgrame (Roz)

P.S. Thanks for visiting my website, did you sign my Guest Book?, if not, you better go back in & DO IT!!!! Did you like my new Face Lift??


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