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Norman Poll

Norman Poll
BirthdaySaturday, April 16, 1955
Member SinceWednesday, November 16, 2005
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LocationGrayling, Michigan, United States United States
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About Me
I am 51 years old living with my wife and two lovely children, 1 boy and 1 girl, 13 and 6 respectively. I am new to all of this as you can all tell when you look at my site and pages. I can use all the help I can get and won't get upset about any suggestions. I might even go as far as inviting someone to modify them for me until I learn how. I am very easy going and like to have fun. I believe a man can't have too many friends. If you want answers just ask for we are pretty open. I have a dog and a cat as well.
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John Partington - (3/8/2006 6:37:51 AM) : Hi Norman,

This is just to show my appreciation in having you and your family as valued friends here at Adlandpro.

Wishing you health wealth & happiness in all that you do!

Best Wishes
Norman Poll - (3/8/2006 6:37:51 AM) : Hello John,
Thank you for the kind vote. I cherrish your friendship as well. Please wish your family well and thanks again for being m friend.
Norman Poll
Larry Anderson - (12/23/2005 4:58:06 AM) : Hi Norm
How in the heck should I know where you left it-you were at Grandma's place last night in Four Corners, Nevada lol
Norman Poll - (12/23/2005 4:58:06 AM) : Thanks Lary,
Now your a big help. How do I work now.
Kathy Clouse - (12/2/2005 9:57:11 PM) : I enjoyed you web site...thanks for inviting me to view it.I also enjoyed reading your profile and viewing your family, you have a nice family. That is what we hadexcept the girl was older! I missed the ebay the first time, found it this time. Very nice.
Norman Poll - (12/2/2005 9:57:11 PM) : Hello,
I thank you for your rating. I am glad you have taken the time Look at my site and that you enjoyed it.
Thanks again,
Paul Falardeau - (11/28/2005 1:34:12 PM) : It's great to have you on my friend list. Here's to your success.
Norman Poll - (11/28/2005 1:34:12 PM) : Hi Paul,
I want to thank you very much. I really appreceate the sentements. I am still trying to learn this site and how to get where I want to go. If you get bored and want something to do, If you would check my web site and see if all the links and banners work like they should. If it's broke let me know so I can try to fix it please.
Thank You.NormPoll


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