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Denny Kessler
BirthdaySaturday, January 23, 1943
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LocationTracy, California, United States United States
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About Me

Hello, thank you for wanting to know more about me.   I am Denny Kessler of Tracy California, married for over 44 years, to the very talented, beautiful and intelligent Suzanne, from Wisconsin.  When we first married, we were in San Diego with the U.S. Navy for 6 years, and in San Jose, CA for 4 years while working as a field service engineer for General Electric.  We have lived in Tracy now for over 30 years.   We are what is known as BATS, Bay Area Transplants, actually now that we have been in Tracy for 27 years, we are old BATS. 


Our lives revolve around our grandchildren and their activities, which include Soccer and competitive swimming.  We are lifelong Lutherans.   I am an Ecoquest International dealer, member of the Freestore clubs, Member of Strong Future International, and manage a web site promoting business in Tracy, CA and the programs listed on my AdlandPro web site.   Check them out and join me in using the internet to improve your business and increase your personal development.   


Although I still have a day job, I am working towards my retirement and expect to earn my living from the internet after I retire.  I really enjoy learning more about the computer, the internet and the people with which I am associated.    

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Joelees Wholesale - (8/20/2007 10:04:37 AM) : Hi Denny,
Thank you for accepting my invite :-) I'm honored be to a member of your adland family. Gods speed my new friend :-) Lee
Rosemary Hibbs - (1/20/2007 9:37:34 PM) : Denny is very friendly and a very helpful person. I have known Denny for several months.I enjoy working with him. A very good friend to have.

Sissel Edvartsen - (12/10/2006 6:11:15 PM) : Hello Denny!
You have wrote and told very "shortly"but
with a "long" contents.I thought it was very
nice and good!

Sissel E.
Your new friend
James Wright - (9/2/2006 5:07:12 PM) : Go Old Bats!!! Best Wishes, Jim
Bob Sims - (8/26/2006 8:38:49 AM) : Great site for Marketing needs.
Joyce Jeanbaptiste - (7/25/2006 1:59:39 PM) : Hello Denny,K, sounds like Danny Kaye,
Any way I give you a perfect 10, you have streams of income it looks like with your multiple interests and invlovement in various parts of this Industry.

I would look forward to hearing some of your wisdom to help me in my ventures.
I am happy to meet you today.

The Cardioman James Kinney - (1/22/2006 11:58:35 AM) : Denny,

Good profile!

Your little ducks are all in a row!

James Kinney
Kathy Hamilton - (5/23/2005 10:45:18 PM) : What a great site. I have never see a site that is so innovating and unique. You did an amazing job.Im sure others will rave about it also. welcome to the community. Kathy martin
Kathy Burch - (4/15/2005 10:37:44 PM) : This Bright talented man is actually NICE!
Tony Beach - (4/15/2005 7:38:29 PM) : Hello Denny and welcome to Lifetime Business.....
I will help you 24/7/365...
Blast you new business on any all of my best...
Tony Beach


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