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Stefan Dessalines

Stefan Dessalines
BirthdayThursday, December 14, 1972
Member SinceMonday, August 29, 2005
Last ActivityTuesday, December 05, 2006
LocationLos Angeles, California, United States United States
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About Me
About Me
I live here in Los Angeles although I'm originally from NYC where I grew up as a child actor. The entertainment industry is what brought me out here. Since living out here I have fallen in love with network marketing and helping others to achieve their goals and dreams. In my networking I have found that I have been able to help others to heal as well. The perfect life for me is one where I am able to express myself creatively through music, writing, or acting etc. While I also help people to create residual income from home in an industry that is here for the wellness of people. Doing all of this while having fun and laughing my you know what off. Hey wait a minute. That's what I'm doing. Mega blessings to you each and everyday. Stefan
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Barb Doyle - (9/2/2007 6:53:41 PM) : Hi Stefan,

Just stopped by to say hi. I hope all is well with you. I appreciate your friendship. Never forget how awesome you are. You are a friend of mine and definitely deserve a 10. I'm here to help you in anyway that I can. Have a great day!

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

This opportunity is the vehicle that can take you to where you want to go.
Louise Fisher - (2/20/2006 11:50:29 AM) : Hi Stephan,

Thanks for your kind words,
I am very new to Adland and the web so am very untecky, any advise you can give will be most welcome.
Great to meet you and thank you for your contact.

Roy Rapp - (1/4/2006 3:14:41 PM) : Hi Stefan,

Just had to rate you a big 10! It is so nice of you to offer so much help and advice for everyone here at AdlandPro!

We wish you much success and happiness.

Your friends,
Roy and Sherri
Joan Smith - (12/17/2005 10:27:19 PM) : Stefan is definately a TEN. He is one of the very nicest people I have met here. Warm hearted and giving would not say enough good about Stefan. I have the utmost respect for Stefan and thankful he calls me "friend".
Andy MIHALACHE - (12/12/2005 1:50:42 PM) : Hi Stefan,
Happy Birthday!
Not just as a Birthday present, I'm rating your website on maximum possible.
I do realy like it!
Have a good one!
Dr Sandeep Singh - (12/6/2005 3:13:41 PM) : Great goin !!!
Paul Falardeau - (11/28/2005 11:36:07 PM) : It's great to have you on my friend list. Here's to your success.
Walter Thomas Jr - (10/30/2005 10:03:07 AM) : I think this is a good Idea for people that really need help with their Business Ventures.

PS: After talking to you over the phone, I`m convinced that you and your program can help me!~!!
Randall Parks - (10/27/2005 10:40:37 AM) : You have a well developed presence here at AdLand. I like to see folks take time to do it right.
David @retiredteacherd Follow Me On Twitter - (10/24/2005 10:11:02 PM) : Hello Stefan,

I just wanted to tell everyone how much I appreciated you friendship. Stefan is a kind understanding man. I have only known Stefan for a little while and already my heart is warmed to think I have someone as special as Stefan as my friend.

Thank you Stefan for being my friend. :-)

God Bless you and yours,


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