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Kathy Clouse

Kathy Clouse
BirthdayMonday, January 21, 1952
Member SinceFriday, October 14, 2005
Last ActivityTuesday, May 23, 2006
LocationKokomo, Vermont, United States United States
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About Me
About Me

Kathy Clouse, Kat, Chatty Kathy.  Wife to Dave, mother to Adina and Jeremy, Grandmother to Aaron, Alyssa, Madeline, mother in law to Dave(not my Dave), owned by BuddyMax, Stumpy and Festus(our three cats).  I was born in 1952 in BigTimber,Montana,USA.  I was raised by two cultures,walking on both paths, the native american and the white ways.  I am heinz 57, a true American, red, white and blue blood running in my veins. Somewhere along the road, I made a tossed salad of ideals and cultures, and choose my own, taking the best of the old and the new.  I love my Creator, Whom gave me life and substains my being; my Mother,the Earth, who feeds me and provides me with her beauty, the flowers that grow in the spring, the sun that rises and warms my face and calms my spirit in the evening as it goes to slumber.

I love my family and my home, I care deeply for people whom I choose as friends.  Sometimes, I am over-sensitive, forgetting that other's have different values, so hurt comes easy to me.  When I give my word, it being my most precious asset, and the only thing that I own that is of value to me,  I am very careful in what I promise and in what I support.  I dislike hurting and being hurt. And, I dislike being conned and lie to. 

My husband was a truck driver, dry wall finisher and we moved around alot.  His father was in the air force so he thinks he is a gypsy and gets bored with the place where he is living, so likes to move on.  Now that he is getting old and slower, he just might stop and rest for awhile.  Dave lived in Japan for 14 years, is part Japanese and native american and German.  He is a gentle soul, loving father, caring animal person and all around pretty nice guy.  He grew up in a culture that was very racist and bigotted and he is trying to overcome the past hurts of a life time of others ignorance.  I think that the people who were and still are so hateful to him and my son, it is their loss, they will never get to know and be cared for by these two loving humans.  Racism does hurt, no matter how you look at it.  To bad we can't chance people's hearts.

Now, after reading all of this, if you took the time, do you see why they call me Catty Kathy???

I hope that I get to know everyone here, this has been a positive place for me and I have reconnected with the old ways and got back on a path that I had fallen off.  Get to know the people here, not just to send out ads to them, but to really connect.  It is worth your time.


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Helen Gibbs - (7/24/2007 10:57:50 PM) : Hi Kathy,

So nice to see you, God Bless HUGS Helen
Bogdan Wrzesinski - (3/30/2006 6:45:23 PM) : 10 for Kathy Clouse,... loving, living and learning... my Friend and Great Commission Outreach to wonderful Native American People, and all nations.

God Bless, GodSpeed

Bogdan, Intelligence Inc GodSpeed Ambassadors
Ernest M Prater Jr - (1/14/2006 7:32:00 PM) : I believe kathy is a wonderful person.
You give a lot to others Kathy!
Albert Morin - (1/14/2006 3:20:48 AM) : Hi Kathy

It's an honor to call you friend. You have such a caring heart. GOD BLESS.

Your Friend,
Albert Morin
Dave Cottrell - (12/31/2005 7:44:39 PM) : Kathy is always thinking of her friends and spends a LOT of time encouraging them.

God bless you, Kathy!

Paul Falardeau - (12/16/2005 7:13:40 AM) : It's great to have you on my friend list.
Here's to your success,

Paul Falardeau

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Marion Tucker - (12/6/2005 1:09:18 PM) : Hi Kathy,

I see I am the first to leave you some feedback. I love your kitties. They are so cute. I want to wish you many blessings and I hope I can make some of them come true.

God Bless!


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