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Visibility: Public
Type: Combatant
Owner: Fred Fordowns this group. Fred Ford
Date Created: 1/20/2016
City: Pittsburg PA
Address: 841 Estella Ave, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Phone: (+1) 931-252-9511
Description: My name is Fred Ford. I am 48 years old. I live in Pittsburgh, PA, the USA. I created the special system of unique fighting (attacking and defending against various fighters of different styles of Martial Arts). My style is based on the deep knowledge of various Martial Arts, Mechanics, Bio-Mechanics, Medicine, Psychology, and unique special physical training created by myself for enhancing and improving people’s capabilities such as strength, speed, and stamina, stretching, joints elasticity, agility, breathing abilities, and bearing any pain during fighting. I have graduated from two technical Institutions and one medical Institution. I am a former Mechanical and Processing Engineer, Senior Manager at the very big plant, Chiropractor and Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist. So, I have some good knowledge concerning the human’s joints working and moving in different directions. For this reason, I understand how to fracture and injure the joints of the still and moving opponent and, at the same time, how to successfully escape from various grippers, breaks, suffocations, and hits by using Bio-Mechanics of their bodies (like the water rounding and leaking through and near any obstacles). In addition, I know many painful places and points of the human’s body. I teach people to intellectually fight, follow their reflexes and involuntary motions and win the much stronger opponents. I created many specific feints for cheating and misleading the opponents. I made many hits without any pre-flight (swing-up) from any position by using Bio-Mechanics and inside energy. This energy should be taken from the Earth and should run through all of the body towards the opponent making varied twisting movements by using all the parts of the body like a moving winding whip (knout) or a writhing moving snake. I have a 40-year experience in hand-to-hand fighting and a 30-year experience in preparing various sportsmen for competitions by using all of my mentioned-above methods of training, including coaching fighters. I was training different Russian Special Forces for many years and ordinary men and women (private teaching) as well for their self-defending against rapists, bandits, muggers, killers, etc. If you are interested in studying self-defense, please contact me. I conduct self-defense seminars all over the world and the USA. (+1)931-252-9511

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