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It's Time to Cash In with TCN


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It's Time to Cash In with TCN
Visibility: Public
Type: Health & Wellness
Owner: Amanullah Sayeedowns this group. Amanullah Sayeed
Date Created: 10/7/2013
City: Surat
Address: nargol street snajan
Phone: 9228811176
Description: A Personal Global Team Building Website.
A Back Office Tracking System which cost over 3 million dollars and 10 years to create and perfect.
A Consumer Retail Website for each of it's major 3rd party products. Currently 5 customized retail websites.
A Compensation Plan that pays 70% to 80% of the Gross Profit Margins to the seller and still creates $10,000 monthly in a 2x10 coded bonus system. $20,000 monthly in a 2x11. Please note it goes to infinity wide and to infinity deep so it does not stop at 11 levels. The potential is unlimited. A simple 3x10 pays $10,000 a day. All built around a single $10 product.
EIGHT DAYS LEFT - The #1 Pay It Forward Program!aka "PIF"
For the next 8 days a funded lender will receive 2 pay it forward $600 advance positions and the lenders sponsor will also receive 1 pay it forward $600 advance position for every increment of $600 loan funded. Diamond Club is separating the wheat from the weeds. For every increment of $600 personally funded loan made. The person making the $600 funded loan will receive "TWO" $600 advance packages and their sponsor will receive "ONE" $600 advance packages to pass on to a personally sponsored person. Examples:
Fund $600 loan - Lender receives 2 and lender's sponsor receives 1 PIF $600 advance to give away.
Fund $1200 loan - Lender receives 4 and lender's sponsor receives 2 PIF $600 advances to give away.
Fund $1800 loan - Lender receives 6 and lender's sponsor receives 3 PIF $600 advances to give away.
Fund $2400 loan - Lender receives 8 and lender's sponsor receives 4 PIF $600 advances to give away.
Fund $3000 loan - Lender receives 10 and lender's sponsor receives 5 PIF $600 advances to give away.
Fund $6000 loan - Lender receives 20 and lender's sponsor receives 10 PIF $600 advances to give away.
Up to $60,000 loan - Lender receives 200 and lender's sponsor receives 100 PIF $600 advances to give away.
$600 advance loans may only be given to your personally sponsored Diamond Club Member(s).
Your gifted $600 advance loans will credit to your account within 24 hours of you funding your loan.

Did you miss Saturday's webinar here is an audio excerpt on why 50% is just the beginning.

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