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Visibility: Public
Type: Business
Owner: James Allan Patterson.owns this group. James Allan Patterson.
Date Created: 10/18/2009
City: Cagayan De Oro
Address: Cagayan D'oro, Mindanao,Philippines.
Phone: + 63 928 907 1770
Description: Mabuhay,Hello from the Philippines.Make thousands of dollars in commissions or in partnership by bringing your friends over here.With 5 ladies to every man how can you lose?Everything here is so cheap compared to the States or Europe and Australia.You can buy a beer here for half a dollar and even a bottle of brandy!Land too is cheap,and gold lnvestment.So what are you waiting for?We offer many services here,you can think of us as your welcome office!

Wonderful philippines invites Dating Groups, Agencies, Clubs to come over to the
Philippines with your members and attend our regular parties at Leading Hotels and make many new friends. We offer you unlimited Food and Drinks, Live band, Free Raffle, yearly membership open to everybody 18 and over.

We can pick you at the airport and then take care of you. We offer many other services including,online work,Graphics,Reports,Articles,Seo,Making Websites,Research,voice Overs,Typing,Translations,English,Arabic,Filippino,Japanese,Transcriptions,Tele Marketing,Call Center Training And Set Up, Sales Training,Data Entry, Programming.Our online work is of the highest quality and at the lowest prices in the world.Travel and Tours, River Rafting, Golf, Gold Hunting/Gold Sponsorship, Real Estate,lmport/Export, Visa Assistance,we also have a charity and seek cash donations and supplies for the street children of Cagayan D’oro,Mindanao, Philippines.Who are really suffering,lt’s our wish to buy a truck to distribute foods,medicines,clothes,toys and educate and house them.Many of these kids have no hope and walk around the streets naked.Please help us.You can pay buy paypal and see our forum on adland.Please support us.Just a few a few dollars would put a smile back on their faces.

Low priced land for sale in Mindanao,8 hectares, offers to be made.

Gold lnvestors needed James + 63 928 907 1770 Honey +63 917 7562300
skype beehive73

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