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Luella May

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3/31/2008 5:36:53 PM

In Memory of

John Elliott

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Let me introduce you to..........

Cheryl Williams

Cheryl is the author of Some Reasons Why Kids Gone By.  This book is about abortion and how it impacts the lives of not only women, but also men.

Cheryl learned the hard way and shares her story with us.  A teenager needing love, needing to feel special, ending up pregnant.

Cheryl not only tells of her own story, but others like her.  Her story is a powerful one. It goes from betrayal to finding life and love again.

Cheryl helps young girls and tells her story to everyone she can reach.  She tells the truth about abortion.  How it impacts women of all ages and how it impacted her personally.  Whether a teenager or older adult, having an abortion is an extremely emotional experience, one that never leaves you.

Cheryl's goal is to bring understanding to those who have had abortions, those who know someone who have had abortions, and, last but not least, those who look down on women that have had abortions.

You will be surprised to learn that this is not a modern day thing.  Abortions have been going on for a very long time, it is now just simply legal.  The problem has persisted through the ages.  A problem that has left women with the feeling of loneliness and betrayal.

Bottom line?  It's all about insecurity, a need to be loved.  Her book tells it all.

Carla Carey

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3/31/2008 6:04:04 PM

Thanks for sharing about Cheryl with us.Her story
is very inspiring.  I sure will listen to your show this
week as soon as I can!
Have a great day!
Carla :)

Glad to make your acquaintance! Carla Carey
3/31/2008 6:12:00 PM

Hello Team

Congratulations Cheryl on this great honour, I am very interested in getting a copy of your book.

Here is a brief history of Abortion in my country I though might interest you.

Abortion in Ireland

An unplanned pregnancy always means difficult decisions, but if you live in Ireland, you also have to navigate the law. Know your rights and make sure you choose the option that's best for you.

Northern Ireland - The law

The law on abortion in Northern Ireland has something of a confusing history, and remains ambiguous to this day. Originally outlawed in 1861, it was modified in 1945, stating that abortion was not an offence if it was done to save the mother's life. However, this new legal status only applied to abortions carried out after the 28th week of pregnancy, leaving doctors to use their individual judgement on cases up to 27 weeks.

Since Northern Ireland was left out of the Abortion Act in 1967, the laws have grown increasingly ambiguous. A woman is generally given an abortion if:

  • She has a serious medical or psychological problem that is endangering her life if she continues her pregnancy;
  • She has severe learning difficulties;
  • Doctor's detect abnormalities in the foetus;
  • In some cases, women will be offered an abortion if they have become pregnant as a result of rape.

However, the unclear nature of these laws led the Standing Advisory Commission on Human Rights (SACHR) to make recommendations that the Government bring forward options for a clearer law. That was in 1993, and it wasn't until a judicial review last year that the issue was addressed again and the calls for change were rejected. The Family Planning Association is appealing the decision on the grounds that the law remains as hazy as ever and women are often forced into a decision that is based purely on the grounds of money.

The abortion

Until the laws change, women who do not fall into the categories outlined above must seek an abortion in another country. The majority of women travelling from Ireland arrange private treatment through an organisation such as BPAS. A non-profit organisation that offers private abortions from £350. 

Southern Ireland - The law

It is currently illegal for anyone to have an abortion in Eire. However, the law does allow pregnant women to receive counselling and information about all their options. Women must make sure they choose a respected counselling service as some anti-abortion campaign groups have been known to masquerade as counselling services. If they decide to have an abortion, it is their legal right to leave Ireland in order to do so. Most women travel to England where it is legal to have an abortion up to 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Unplanned pregnancy is something nobody chooses to happen, so it's always wise to avoid risks and take precautions.



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Doris Beaulieu

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3/31/2008 6:25:49 PM

Dear Cheryl

Your story is dear to my heart and I find you a very strong women to share it with us. Thank you for giving of yourself and for sharing with others so they don't have to feel alone. You give them courage to know they can rise above it and become whole again to live life to the fullest.

Again thanks,


3/31/2008 6:37:06 PM

Thank you , Luella , for presenting Cheryl to us !

Congratulations , Cheryl ! You are a real woman of courage !


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