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Fionnuala Fox
BirthdayWednesday, April 20, 1955
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LocationLurgan, Armagh, United Kingdom United Kingdom
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About Me

Hello Friends


Thanks for taking the time to read a bit more about me, I am from N Ireland, married with 2 grown kids and have been blessed with 4 beautiful grandchildren.

Business wise, I retired early from working in the education of young people to care for my husband. I am now working part time at home as an Internet Marketer and Educator.

Since starting to work online I have learned so much, especially how difficult it is to be successful alone. I have now joined a Team of marketers online and we all market using the Veretekk Marketing System. The support, training and resources are to me the best online. I consider myself to be very lucky to have found this great group of like minded people. We all work together as a true team to help each other. One of our mottos is, " No network marketer-left behind."  I am the perfect example of how true that statement really is. When I started I didn't know alot about surviving on the internet. So I will humbly be the first to say that , "I have come a long way in a very short amount of time."


My passion is about educating others on the important issues regarding our planet's health. With the state of our planet's health it is important that each of us stay involved as much as we can in environmental issues. With our fast paced lives and abundant information available through the diverse choices of media it is sometimes hard to keep up with the important issues of our times. I joined the UBIEE Enviro Project community, this project was founded by Dr. Michael U. Dolgoruky, Chairman & Founder of Ring SMS España S.L. and UBIEE Corporation S.L.
His main motivation is the FUTURO-Plan and a Cleaner Environment for YOURS & his Children, and for the future generations of children that come to our Planet Earth.

Support our Planet, please sign the Virtual Live Recorded World Peace Solution Petition
located at


Working online is very exciting. I may be based in N Ireland but I have the Whole Wide World at my finger tips. I can't wait to login everyday and start working my online business. Not too many people can say that, especially on a Monday morning.....


Together Everyone Accomplishes More
Be Happy, Life Is Too Short,



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