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Ten things I learned about the color blue personalty
2/29/2008 11:46:03 AM

As you continue to read this series of personality colors, yellow,green,blue and red.Remember that yellow and green are 35% of the population each. That leaves blue and red they both are 15% of the population.

It would be rather simplistic to think that you are just one color but many us, the vast population has a strong percentage of one color and a smaller percentage of another. Let me give you an example if a yellow(nurse) is in a management position at work. She must be either a green or sometimes even a red.  When she gets home she would go back to being yellow Like so much baggage in are life, that has molded us to be what we are today.The same is true here .I will follow the same format as the previous two personality colors written about already,yellow,and  green.

An email to the color blue should have P.S or PP.S. As long as its fun. They are right sided brain people which makes them creative and flamboyant. They are the fun people at work.

1.Have a strong family relationship, Always wants to be the "helper". The handshake is fast and firm.Facially very expressive. Their voice is fast and excited.. Makes a lot of assumptions and is the life of the party .They love to hug.

2.Their professions are: the singers, songwriters, actors. The things they love to do the best are other then spending time with their family is drive-in and a love of traveling.They  dress stylish and flamboyant, is a spontaneous buyer, that has buyers remorse.

3.The dislikes are:Too many facts and figures, the big picture, anything boring (they like to have fun), Being sold.

4.The Likes: Having fun and making money while there doing it. Getting awards at work, To impress people..Once on a team, get focused and pointed in the right direction , they can  make $5-10 thousand a month and have fun doing it. Loves to impress peoplke.

5.The strengths:Willingness to uplift the team, excellent promoter, creative, is enthusiastic and the life of the party

6.The weakness:Unorganized, scattered, poor follow through ,teaching, setting things up. their mind is racing and were often told as a child that they had ADHD. Has sticky notes everywhere,

7. Their office:Has a messy desk but they know where everything is. Sticky notes a lot everywhere.


8. Building a relationship with a blue you start out by small talk few minutes, present in form there is no ready facts and figures, They will assume your here to sell and they hate sales people even though they are one themselves,Try "I'm not here to sell you anything I just wanted to know if this is a good fit for both of us", 

9. Focus on the strengths and her promotional people skills. They are well liked, and the life of the party,Even though she dislikes sales your presentation has to be geared to becoming her friend. Blues has many friends at work and they are not usually called employees by her.

10. Remember short frequent contacts with nothing to do with business, get all the family names even the animals. Any date that is important to them, Send a email if you cant make it in person on that special date. These people are so busy talking getting this information shouldn't be hard at all.

The green personality are the "chatter boxes" of the world. Don't underestimate them they can and will be your best sales person and have fun at it. They always want to make sure everyone on her team is well taken care of. While your building trust and the relationship (the core to any sale) don't forget to tell stories about your family that she would enjoy The green personality is surely a fascinating one and I wish you much luck in your quest to build a relationship with them. You won't need it if you understand them.

The last in the series of  personality colors is red.

Frank Eckert

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Jen Maxwell

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Re: Ten things I learned about the color blue personalty
2/29/2008 3:17:54 PM

Hi Frank,

I really enjoyed reading about personality colours and it's fun to see why and where I place myself, family and friends.

The jury is still out.  Looking forward to 'red' and perhaps you have suggestions for those of us who can't meet people face-to-face?

Have a Milagro day,


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Re: Ten things I learned about the color blue personalty
2/29/2008 5:48:49 PM


Ok got the picture.  I have a little of this trait also.  Before sending an e-mail, I wish I could check out the fridge.   Not inside---the front door of course.  Then I would see all the notes and magnets holding them all up.

Certainly these people put "fun" in dysfunctional.  Or maybe they put "fun" in fundamental. Teehheee

Only a lady with a panda bear as a partner would have the nerve to say that.


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