Re: I'm going to England for a few weeks
2/16/2008 1:05:47 PM

Hi Sarah,

              And I thought I was going to be the world traveler this year. You're beating me to the punch, ya know. But I'm sure the trip, and the waiting and planning behind it now, will all be worth it once you get underfoot. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step", a Chinaman once said.

              You've well earned this (and your family too, I'm sure), so enjoy your time off and think of us less fortunate while you're there. We'll be waiting for you when you return.

              I don't know how business tax laws are in France, but if you were an American, you could easily deduct a lot of your travels simply by doing a small bit for business each day while you're there. Like a short presentation, telling someone about your opportunities, or conducting a short webinar. Maybe you'll think of something.

              See you when ya' get back. Bon Voyage'!

Your Friend Always,

Benton Middleton, Independant Ecopreneur

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Re: I'm going to England for a few weeks
2/16/2008 9:46:03 PM
"Thank You Sarah...Have A Wonderful Time"

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