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Lia Kovacs

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Re: Nominations forum for the Photo of the Week Contest
6/6/2008 5:01:57 AM

Here I am with my first nomination :-)

Photo title: MagnoLia

Photo by: Lia Kovacs

Photo link:

I hope it will work fine!?!
              Bye for now!
Re: Nominations forum for the Photo of the Week Contest
6/6/2008 6:39:40 AM



“Words, whether written or spoken, in and of themselves have no meaning.

It is only when the reader or listener attributes meaning to words that they become meaningful.

Unfortunately, quite often attributing meaning to the words quite different than what the writer or speaker intended. Think about that when attributing meanings to words.”

- Gunther G. (aka TimeWizard) ©

My dear friends Sara, Ana Maria, and Peter, please think about that quote and let us all "chill out" a bit.  As you all know I love this "contest" because of the fun and joy it's meant to convey here at ALP.  Sara, I've been to your photo gallery many times and am always glad to see your additions to it.  They are truly wonderful pictures.  I say that about many, many photo galleries here at ALP.  To me the INTENT of the pictures being posted to this contest is the main, perhaps only, criteria that really matters.  I've seen quite a few pictures that are questionable as to the person posting them actually having taken them by their own hand.  Of the thousands of pictures I have on my camera and on my computer the majority are personnally taken by me.  However, there are also a large number of pictures taken by my wife, family members, and even a few taken by friends, with their camera or mine.  Although I am a strictly amateur photographer I have also had a few pictures published, including on the internet, over the years, thereby making them "public pictures".

This picture of my wife and myself's "Golden Moment"  , the one on my profile here, was taken by a passing motorist who was also taking pictures of the scenery, that I asked to take a picture of us together with my (our) camera, does that mean it's not my picture?

Sara, Ana Maria, Peter, please, let us not make anything that is meant to be FUN and give pleasure to the people here at ALP "controversial" as I see happening here.  Sheeesh, come on folks, life is way too short to get "bothered" by feelings getting hurt over little things like whose finger pressed the button to take the picture.  If you have an undisputed RIGHT to post a picture here (let your concience be your guide) then it's A-OK in my book.

Sara, please consider that English is a second language to many people here, Ana Maria included, and you and I both know, in our hearts, that she would never do anything to "cheat" in what she does in regards to this contest.  Please don't withdraw your lovely picture Sara, nor should anyone, and deny us from seeing your entries in this contest.  Lucky Dog is a "big boy" and can take the "trouncings" he's received at the hands of the terrific photographers, like yourself, here at ALP (so can I).

Personnally, I take ALL "criticism" as being "constructive".  Funny thing about that is, by doing that, my feelings NEVER get hurt. ;)

May all you dreams and desires become realities in '08.

Gunther G.


"The gaining of KNOWLEDGE and ENLIGHTENMENT always has a degree of VALUE, regardless of whether it's agreeable or objectionable to ones own VIEWS and SENSIBILITIES."

- Gunther G. (aka TimeWizard) © 



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Potw Team

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Re: Nominations forum for the Photo of the Week Contest
6/6/2008 7:15:38 AM

Hello Friends.

It seems that a mountain has been made out of a tiny mole hill.

Anamaria misunderstood the term "ownership" in this instance and I was in the midst of discussing it with her on skype when this blew way out of proportion. The result of our discussion you can see above. Lia the "owner" of the pic nominated it on her own.

We respect and appreciate all the supporters of this forum and of course those that contribute to it on a steady basis.

Thank you Gunther for your quotes but in this instance common sense should have and I hope will still prevail. Had Anamaria had "bad" intentions she wouldn't have mentioned the "picture taker" in her nomination. That's why I chose to discuss it with her in private and come I believe to a logical and viable result. Lia's nomination of her own picture.

Sara, I hope you reconsider and leave your nomination as is. You have been a loyal member and contributor of this forum since its inception and I wouldn't like to see you leave leave us.

Let's put this episode behind us and carry on with this forum in the spirit it was born. A fun place to be and share our favorite pics with our friends.




Patricia Bartch

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Re: Nominations forum for the Photo of the Week Contest
6/6/2008 3:55:30 PM

Thanks Sharon for your comment about the picture I nominated of  Sophie my cat playing with my socks. (and this picture is totally the way she looked that day.  I didn't put the socks over

Soph just loves clean clothes. We take them from the dryer and Soph always picks the towels. And....for some reason, she likes to pick a fight with hubby's jeans.  She will bite them, and "rabbit kick" them like crazy. I guess she just doesn't like denium cloth.

What a funny story you mention about your kitty!!!   Thanks Sharon for the smile!!

Hugs to you,   Pat

(A picture I took of Sophie in a "non aggressive"



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Marion Kelly

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Re: Nominations forum for the Photo of the Week Contest
6/8/2008 6:23:53 PM
Photo Title: Great grand-ma's love Photo by: Marion Kelly Link to photo:
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