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Scott has a create a Spam Free Internet
1/29/2008 4:23:13 AM

Is this you?

Spamming is against the law.

This is a message I posted in Scott’s forum.

"I was just posting in my forum and you popped up with this great discussion and I couldn’t resist putting in my pennyworth.

Spam, what is it?

When sent as an email it’s also known as “junk” mail. No matter where the spamming takes place, the important word here is “junk”.

I looked it up in the Oxford English Dictionary:

1) discarded articles, rubbish

2) anything regarded as of little value

3) slang for a narcotic drug especially heroin

4) verb– discard as junk

Associated with “junk” is junk food, junk mail, junkie, junk shop……

So, junk is useless. We throw it away, so that there is room for the useful or valuable things. If we are good “friends” we do not put our rubbish through their physical letter box, and should therefore be just as considerate when posting in emails, forums etc online.

I don’t believe spam works. Just as I would not appreciate my neighbour dumping their rubbish in my garden, I do not appreciate junk in my emails or being dumped in my forum. I delete the emails without reading them. In my Mother Earth forum I was very upset when someone posted their junk which had nothing to do the theme. I deleted that immediately too. It is a form of abuse really, in my mind.

Voila Scott. I think I’ve actually put two pennyworth!

Angel cuddles,


The title of the forum thread is:

Would you read your ads and posts?

This is a very interesting topic and Scott wants us to create a spam free internet.

Here’s the forum link where there is quite a discussion going on:

Look forward to seeing you there.

Angel Cuddles,


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