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It Saved My Life
1/21/2008 10:40:43 AM


 My name is John I've been dealing with depression for a long time and in the last couple of years my condition escalated to seizures.

 After all the test, xrays, mri's and eeg/sleep studies, I was told
I don't have epilepsy.... But I have a arachnoid cyst on my left
temperal lobe of my brain.

 I've been put on 3 seizure meds, an anti-depressant, and valium and still no relief...Except I couldn't see straight.

I was told my seizures were psycosemedic and not epilectic,and that I have the symptoms of post tramatic stress diorder from a head injury I recieved in 1981 working on a drilling rig and that's why the meds didn't work so in Nov.2007 more change where made to my meds....and  still no relief.
  The most awesome thing happened in Dec.2007. I tried out a Health & Wellness drink called Limu Plus and the seizure activity is all but gone.
  There is some destessors in this drink and by the Grace of God my
life  is stablizing.
I encourage you to take a look and see if it will help you too!
 http://www.LimuPlus .com/181491
The medications couldn't help me,the doctors couldn't heal me, but this health drink saved my life!!!

I hope it can do the same for you.

May God Be With You ALWAYS,
John Wann


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