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Rose Enderud

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Arts Exhbition No 23 (This is the big one folks!)
12/31/2007 3:11:53 AM

It is our pleasure to bring you the

Arts Exhibitions at Adlandpro

An on-line exhibition of work by Artists and Craftsmen at Adlandpro
(A new exhibition every three weeks)

Exhibition Nº23 Oil Paintings by Rose Enderud

Rose, as you know, is the mastermind behind the Arts Exhibitions at AdlandPro. We have spent a little over year exhibiting everyone else's art  as Rose felt it was inappropriate to have an exhibition for herself.  However at long last we have convinced her that it is time we saw her work   So it is with enormous pleasure that we present you with an exhibition of the oil paintings of this very talented, modest and special lady, Rose Enderud...................!!   Enjoy!                               Jenny SJ

Rose's Oil Paintings:

A Touch of Fall     Original Oil on Canvas panel.
 11" x 14" /27,9 x 35,6cm 
US$ 150.00

          Magnificent Maple.
                Cascade.   Original oil on canvas panel                     Original oil on canvas panel . Sold                           8x10in 20.3x25.4cm. US$70

Night glow.  Original oil on canvas panel
11 x14 in/ 27.9 x35.5 cm  US $200.00

Granite Falls    Original Oil on Canvas
18x24in /46x60.1cm   US $325

   Purple passion    Original Oil on Canvas         Rose Glow  Original Oil on Canvas
               9x12in /22.9x30.5cm   US$100                  11x14in/ 22.9x35.5cm  US $150

      Northern Lights 1Original Oil on canvas      Watering hole  Original Oil on canvas 
             15 x30 in/ 37.9x76cm  US $350                       15 x30 in/ 37.9x76cm  US $350 

Slide Show:

About the Artist:

 My mother did some artwork. Then I had a teacher in a one room school who tried to get us to explore our artistic talents. I have a sister who is an accomplished artist. I grew up watching artists doing how to programs on public television. I have no formal training.

I bought a beginners set of oil paints when I was in my 30's. I promptly put them away. I opened them and attempted to paint something at about 45. I learned by trial and error what works, with a little help from my sister. I would paint several canvases and she would come over and critique them. Making suggestions as to what to add or showing me techniques that she uses to get certain effects.

I usually work 3 paintings at a time. That way I can work on a second or a third while the first is partially drying. As a result there are usually 3 paintings with very similar color schemes. I work on a variety of canvas sizes. At the moment I only work with oils. I would like to try some other mediums eventually.

Finding Adlandpro was the result of looking for ways to advertise my artwork. I have had several personal websites. Currently my site is
Several of my painting have sold to local people. I am still waiting for that sale from the net.

My artwork comes from a love of beauty. The scenes are just created as I paint. Often they remind people of places I have never seen. Maybe I travel there with my minds eye or in spirit, I don't know. If you enjoy the art I have done my job.

The two forums I have to promote art and artist here at Adlandpro are this one and the Artshow
The Artshow is open to all artist and craftspeople to post their work or links to their work. And of course to all art lovers to come relax and enjoy.

Thank you for visiting.

Arts Exhibitions Team

         Jenny's site                     Rose's site               Venerina's site

Steven Suchar

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Re: Arts Exhbition No 23 (This is the big one folks!)
12/31/2007 3:36:42 AM
"Thank You Rose"

Beautiful..So Beautiful!!

Peter Fogel

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Re: Arts Exhibition No 23 (This is the big one folks!)
12/31/2007 3:50:35 AM
Hi Jenny, Venerina &  Rose,

I'll start off by saying WOW and repeating a quote I used in a previous post about Rose. "A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose". This was said about a very famous artist named Rose around 30-40 years ago.

Rose, Your work is exceptional and I'm so happy that your paintings are the final exhibition of 2007. A very worthy ending to many excellent exhibitions that you all exhibited here.

I saw a few paintings over the past year but never knew how talented you are. Thank you for sharing, I for one greatly appreciate it.

Happy New Year & Shalom,

Peter Fogel
Babylon 7

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