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Re: Think the Unthinkable
12/26/2007 6:37:26 PM

Hello Pauline,

with great gratitude I have read your reply, your kind words and your insight of my items posted this year gives me new strength and pleasure to extend my forum next year. We will welcome the new year with bright eyes, a fresh mind and beautiful challenges to come.

Always at your service, 

God bless and best wishes Bernd

Re: Think the Unthinkable
12/26/2007 6:45:40 PM

Hello Branka,

welcome to my forum and many thanks for the enthusiastic reply. Please receive my congratulations to your arrival of your journey concerning the three P's. I would like to share and receive some thoughts from you with pleasure. We can always learn from each other. Let us travel together, at least a few steps nearer to enlighten moments.

Happy Holidays,

Best wishes Bernd

Sam Sunday

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Re: Think the Unthinkable
1/16/2008 9:53:39 AM

Hello Bernd,

I might be a little late to this post according to the creation period but the information hereof is meant for a lifetime as it dwells on an aspect of our lives that is needed in order to make the required difference.

I must confess I have learnt quite some new ways of improving myself through what you call "the mind and thinking behavior" That learning to instill the blueprint of our dream in our mind with a polished plan that we can religiously stick to, without being afraid of mistakes, will land us on the promised land.

Thanks for a wonderful topic that is bound to help many of us climb the impossible mountain this year 2008. Yes, you have provided a timely impetus: "All is possible, the only tools we need to change our future is creativity, imagination and the guts to live our dreams" I'll work with this as my guiding principle.

All the best Prof.

Re: Think the Unthinkable
1/16/2008 3:46:36 PM

Hello Sam,

As an old saying here we use often at the other site of the ocean ,

the latest visitors are the best,  better late than never.

I feel very honored, with all the sophisticated and well meant replies to my writings. Together as a team we can archive many beautiful manifestations of our being.

So let's keep our spirits high, our intention clear as crystal, and most of all our friendship tight and honest, than we are able to conquer the universe.

But to stay with both feet on the ground let's rock      

                             2008 first.

Thanks a lot dear Sam,

God bless,




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