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Hot off the press just shy of 13 days
12/21/2007 6:52:04 PM

 Have you ever heard of an audio commercial on a website that plays the first 5 seconds of the websites opening. Well there is a small percentage of the 108,000,000 in existance that do.  For the past two years aproximately 500,000 websites have used this technology and 3,000,000 will soon follow. 


  Since Dec 7,2007 there have been 9000 affiliates who signed up and are promoting this opportunity. 13 days and 3 million  websites later there will be more happy affiliates.  Some millionares are being made.

  Have you ever wanted to get into affiliate marketing or wanted to get extra income from your website?

Take a look there is much more Territory to cover can you help shorten the 105,000,000 list of websites that havent been reached yet.



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