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Re: the value of nonsense
12/18/2007 12:11:08 PM

hello Larry,

you are a loyal soul, thanks for reading my nonsense,

the allusion, three scientists talk about their important thoughts to an audience and it makes sense, change the audience and it will become nonsense, we use our senses and produce nonsenses, the paradox of live, and the information is in the head.

Happy Holidays....Bernd

Re: the value of nonsense
12/20/2007 10:52:57 AM

Hi Georgios,

I'm happy you answered on this post with deep thinking and that you share your idea's with the readers and me. That is exactly what we need when someones tries, to make people think. Exchanges of thoughts which have affects on our being, on a daily recurrent way. It must be the art of thinking. You initiated my next post. Because in the early days and today as you explain so carefully and correct, there is only one source we can get connect with. And everybody may choose their own name, place, hypotheses etc. we always come back with the same question, concerning us in the center of him.

Thanks again,

I truly hope in some future we will meet,

Best wishes Bernd


Re: the value of nonsense
3/16/2008 1:47:51 AM
Ah, gotta love Hawkings.  I love to think way outside the box sometimes,drives Hubby crazy.  I'm not he best friends with math but I love the fact that mathematically speaking we don't exist....Infinity divided by any number is zero ..right?  Question: have you ever read "Cosmic Banditos'?  Or "Hitch Hikers Guide the Galaxy'?  Love them.  I'll leave with this...if you want to fly, you simple must forget to hit the ground when you fall. Night

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