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Meet the perfect stranger
12/6/2007 8:18:51 AM

Dear friends,

a new day, a new story to add. Yesterday late or early morning, when I had finished my last private mail, I stepped back from my machine and started the usual procedure. Picking my raincoat and my cap, here we had  a stormy rain, and walked the dog. This I do every night. Getting some fresh air, breathe my exercises and talk to the dog. I have to admit I'm a man who lives his habits, some good some bad. Being back, soaked to the bone, but fresh in the head I had to dry my fellow and next step in my nightly ritual had to be taken. Seeing the bathroom, washed my face and brushed my teeth. When I looked into the mirror a saw a face, and I asked myself, who is this guy staring at you with an unknown intension? I thought, you met him before. Four eyes met  and many questions whirled through my mind. Are you the nice guy you pretend to be? Yes I have a few real friends for life, I have a part of my  family which loves me, I do care a lot to many,and ? Give it a chance, look deeper, oh my dear behind the friendly shade hides anger. A different person. Yes I have enemies, don't know how many, but definitely they exist in plenty. What do you want from me ? I want you to be what you are, not what you think you are and sure not what others fancy you are. I'm definitely not dr. Jekyll or mr. Hyde, I'm me. I'm a coin standing on the edge, and I decide which side I'll show.

 Are you still with me?

Fine, I designed my website to give everybody the chance to inform him or herself over the universe of possibilities to grow, in health or mental abilities. To write about many things I have learned in the past and today, even last night. We are the only boss about our entire existence. And we decide what we are and what we become. Here I like to add, one main reason to be and to stay on the adland community are my new friends and to share and educate each other, to become the perfect stranger.

sincerely Bernd


Mary Hofstetter

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Re: Meet the perfect stranger
12/6/2007 10:54:27 AM

Hi Doc Braun,

This is fascinating reading. 

If we like ourselves we have no trouble letting others see who we are. First I must love myself and  who I am then I can trust others will accept me and what I represent.  To go one step further Jesus says "Love thy neighbor as thyself".  To reach out to others means I have to have something to offer. What would it be like to dislike others as ourselves?

I like your image of the coin standing on an edge.  Yes, we show ourselves sometimes according to what we think others want to see. It sure makes rejection lessas we are meeting  expectations.

As for your website it reflects a beautiful part of you.  You chose beautiful colors and provide some nice tools.  To visit is pure delight and I do refer others to visit.

Pauline Raina

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Re: Meet the perfect stranger
12/6/2007 12:13:17 PM
Hello Bernd,

I have to agree with our dear friend Mary here, this is a fascinating read. Thank you for sharing.

I must say that in the past a relationship gave me the opportunity to meet  the perfect stranger that was in me. I surprised myself. But my better senses told me that that was not who I was, once out of that relationship, I have till date  not come face to face with that perfect stranger. :-)

Its interesting how different circumstances or situations, and more so people bring out a different side of you. Sometimes you discover yourself too and thats an ever growing experience, which can be called progress. Its those people I like to surround myself with. However learning also from those who have the knack of messing up, one can learn from their mistakes.

Just my thoughts to share :-)

warm regards

Pauline R
Re: Meet the perfect stranger
12/6/2007 3:39:53 PM

Hello Pauline,

All the friendly replies and the enthusiastic comments, I welcome them gladly. I truly feel honored and encouraged to post my thoughts here on the adland community.

Its very true, that circumstances or situations, which are release a very variation of emotional hormones are able to changes ones personality in split seconds. One important acknowledgment we should keep in our mind. It is always a part of our own personality we bring to the surface.

Thank God we make mistakes all the time, and when we have learned from them, we are happily making new ones.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and strengthen mine,

have a wonderful day


Re: Meet the perfect stranger
12/6/2007 3:56:49 PM

Hi dear Mary,

you see what you did, I'm honored and really happy with a friend like you. Every time we write, you add some value to my life. We keep the expectations high, we have indeed precious adventures to share. Every time we express our feelings with the emotions of joy as carrier we are one step nearer to our truly inner self.

Again thank you for coaching me,



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