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Re: FREE Web site (Generic) never looked THIS GOOD - GET YOURS
11/25/2007 7:16:57 AM

Thanks Neil Again,

Can't thank you enough for your never ending assistance to all!

I came across another free web service that might just interest others also.

<a href="">Visit My Website</a>

I've been playing around with it and using it to touch base with my downline, and using the blog that is available with it. This is helping me to further get my message out. Just thought I would put this out their for you to review and see if it warrants your blessing also!

Tallyho my friend!

Keep up the great work!

Jeff Souders

Graciously Yours,Jeff and Marianne
Neil Sperling

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Re: FREE Web site (Generic) never looked THIS GOOD - GET YOURS
12/5/2007 3:10:10 PM

This FREE web site paid me money......... totally by surprise too!

Get yours and USE it and win two ways....

1- build a nice page for your product or service ---- or ALL your programs listed on one page..... then use that link in your advertising.

2- promote All4Webs using the banner they provide for you and sooner or later All4Webs will even become another income stream.

I did not expect the income - I love the site for it's clean and simple web page.... but I ended up earning. YOU CAN TOO!

Free Web Sites Never looked this GOOD B4

Get Yours Here!

Simply - the best FREE website I've found!
Easy to use - PROMOTE YOUR Business's on your OWN page!


Neil Sperling


Terri Pattio

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Re: FREE Web site (Generic) never looked THIS GOOD - GET YOURS
12/6/2007 5:42:09 PM

Thanks Neil I will look into it. Sounds good to me.

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