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Robert Phillips

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Wanna See My Daily Plan Of Action?
11/7/2007 5:27:27 AM

Here is my FORMULA for success coupled with (DPOA) DAILY PLAN OF ACTION!

First we need people! This is a people business so YOU MUST TALK to people, you have to face the facts if you have no one to talk to then you need to LOOK for people!

If you are NOT prepared to talk to people then you need to get OUT of networking OR, If you are afraid or shy, then you need to buy a book on CONFIDENCE. I can assure you that we all lack confidence at some time of our life or in something that we do. & you know what? The ONLY way to conquer fear is to FACE the fear you fear & DO IT!

IF you do this you're confidence will go SKY high! I highly recommend a great book by Susan Jeffers Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway.

Where do you find people to talk to?

Where do you live? Where do you shop? Where do you surf the internet? What web sites do you visit? Who do you buy from?

If you don't like asking direct questions then instead of asking people are YOU interested in making some extra money say, "Do you know of anyone who would be interested in making some extra money?"

They will simply answer with either of these answers




Don't be shy, this WORKS.

Again, what you say is important, let's say you are a postman, and you say to your work colleagues I have just joined this amazing business where we can make a fortune are you interested? His colleagues will probably be very sceptical & say what's this? A get rich quick scheme etc. etc.

Better to say John, I have just found out how we can all get an extra pay check at the end of every month while still delivering our post! If you ever want to know how, just let me know. I'd be more than happy to tell you about it!

What do you think John will say?

He will say HOW! What's it all about? etc. etc.

NOW, you simply explain to him slowly, simply and clearly as to what it is all about!

See that?


If you take this on board then you will Succeed!

Same applies if someone replies to an ad etc.

If you are not talking to people then you need to START to talk to people.

If you have no one to talk to then you will need to either buy leads or/and ADVERTISE your business! Best to do BOTH.

Its not rocket science.

Keep it simple.

EXPOSE the business!

If you are talking to lots of people every day like me then you will make lots of money, there is safety in numbers you see.

You should have set a DAILY ACTIVITY TARGET!


1. Send out 20 opt in e-mails per day.

2. Talk to 5 people a day.

3. Follow up with 5 people a day.

4. Put out 100 drop cards that advertise your business per day.

5. Carry opportunity cards & or leaflets with you at ALL times and give them to EVERY person you meet on a daily basis.

6. Use the 3 foot rule. Speak to EVERY person who comes within 3 foot of you about the business etc.

7. Put 2 ads per day in shop windows, notice boards, super market boards, anywhere where people are waiting. i.e. Dr's surgery's, library's etc. etc.

8. Send out 20 BOUNCE BACK e-mails per DAY! If you don't know what this is, then ask your upline.

9. Subscribe to 5 other business opportunity newsletters; so that you can then e-mail them back your opportunity.

10. Call you're uplines to touch base, do 3 ways etc.

11. Seek regular and consistent training from your upline.

12. READ 5 PAGES of a book on Network Marketing & or Personal Development.

13. Listen to an audio CD or tape on Personal Development or MLM. (If you drive to work then listen in the car!)

14. Put 5 ads per day out on free ad web sites.

See that?

YES, it takes hard work, but the rewards are more than worth it!

If you feel the above is too little or too much for you then set your own target.

Imagine if you did 5 times the above? Then you would build your business 5 times FASTER than those that do the above!


Stay Motivated.

Make it Happen.



Set Goals & Targets SEPARATELY!

Goals are what you want to get out of your business. Targets are what you NEED to do in YOUR business to achieve those goals.


DON'T WATCH TV until you have done your DAILY target. RESULTS will come from your DAILY ACTIONS.

If you are NOT getting the results you want then CHANGE your daily plan.

All you need now is the correct tools and resources to assist you in putting the above into action!

Mary Hofstetter

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Re: Wanna See My Daily Plan Of Action?
11/7/2007 7:59:48 AM
Rob, This is excellent and I would add --Meet a specific # of NEW people each day via: social communities on the net, volunteer work, work place, church or where ever you regularly hang out......a place where you can build a relationship. Rob,Please explain Drop cards.
Mary Hofstetter

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Re: Wanna See My Daily Plan Of Action?
11/7/2007 8:02:40 AM
Please explain # 8----Bounce back e-mails. That sounds like purchased leads.
Mary Hofstetter

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Re: Wanna See My Daily Plan Of Action?
11/7/2007 8:05:10 AM
Rob, Please explain bussiness op newsletters. I am sending others over to read this. Thank you for all you do for us, your team. You will reap our bonus $$$'s as your reward!!!
Mark Mcculloch

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Re: Wanna See My Daily Plan Of Action?
11/8/2007 10:55:32 AM

Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening Wherever you are in the world,

Bounce Back E Mails - This is when someone has e mailed you regarding anything at all if they have e mailed you it is then not against internet regulations for you to e mail them your opportunity.

Business Op Newsletters - There are many home based business website offerring subscription to their newsletters and you can then simply e mail them your opportunity.

Drop Cards - Extremely similar to either business cards or fliers.

Thank you very much for your time and very good luck in your career.

Kind Regards

Mark McCulloch

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