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Free ps3! (i got a free xbox 360 elite from the same company!) now i just wanna get a ps3 =P
11/6/2007 11:18:17 AM
Free PS3! This is for both Canada and Usa members! If you complete this offer you will get a PS3 for free! Follow there instructions: -Right click on this link and Open it in a new window -Select which PS3 package you want. (I did the highest one :) -On the same site, go down to the bottom right, and put in your email address where it says "Sign Up", and then follow instructions for registration. -You should select the Referral Account (if you use Points Account, you will have to do several trials and registrations) -You will then need to complete ONE OFFER. This is VERY IMPORTANT, because you need to complete the offer to refer people afterwards, so complete it right after signup (takes less than 5 minutes). -If you are in the US, complete Do the offer for a 30 day 100% free trial (I believe it's on the 3rd page), which will give you $5.00 free postage as well. You will need to give them your credit card information, but don't worry, is a legitimate site. You can even email or talk to the United States Postal Service (USPS) to confirm it (which is what I did). They are an approved vendor, and their product is real. You can also check google for reveiws. Or check here -If you are in Canada, complete the offer (the only 100 % FREE offer which is for Canadian residents) You will have to sign up for a two week free trial, and select the plan (it doesn't matter which plan you pick, because you don't pay it during those two weeks). Then, before the two weeks are over, close your account by going online to, logging in, click on the "My Account" tab, and then on the "Stop My Membership" (during the two weeks, you can also rent unlimited movies from their service at no charge, but there is no need) (WARNING: Do not do the Blockbuster offer, because it is fraudulent. I contacted with the link that was provided, and they confirmed it) -Wait a little bit and the company you did the offer for will send email confirmation (the time it takes will depend on which offer you choose.. for the offer you get credit instantly, or within the same day). (Be sure to cancel your account before the free trial ends so you won't be charged. You can do this after you have done the printout by calling 1-877-782-6736, or you can keep the service if you really like it). -Once you have done this, you can do the exact same thing that I did! Just copy and paste this exact screen, these instructions, and use them to refer people to your account, so that YOU can get your free PS3 (even shipping is free)! -This whole process takes merely 10mintues of your time, and if you tell your friends/coworkers etc, you can get your free PS3 within ONE WEEK. Still thinking its to good to be true? So was I! Watch this! I GUARANTEE that you will not spend a penny if you follow these instructions! If you follow exactly as I say, and do end up paying, then I will personally pay for my mistake. Again if you are not sure if this is for real you can check all over the internet and it will tell you that this one is real. you may be thinking... oh, there's no way a company would give out free PS3's, but it's true. I thought the same thing before I looked at this. This company is paid by referring people other companies websites. This more then compensates them for the PS3 that they give to you. The company is basically paying you by a PS3 to advertise for them. Trust me, this is real. this is not a scam. I Guarantee it. please contact me if you are still unsure. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks

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