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Terri Pattio

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Re: Everyone - please post your top three business ventures here
12/4/2008 9:17:45 AM
Great place to network and meet new business partners.

Click here to join!

Terri Pattio

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Neil Sperling

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Write a book review PLUS advertise your banner
12/6/2008 1:01:51 AM

Sperling and Friends Book Reviews!

I asked myself the question - "What type of forum is needed here at Adland?"

.After much thought and consideration it dawned on me there is no forum dedicated to introducing friends to books we have read and cherished. So now we have one!

I knew there had to be forum rules of some kind, plus a reason for my friends to post a review of a book that they loved and would like to share with others.So below are the rules to this forum!

Rules for Book Review Threads

1- Open your own NEW thread for your review. Subject line should be the book title and author.

2- Book reviews can not be more than one Word Document page in length.

3- There can only be one review (thread) for each book title.

4- The Writer of the review is allowed Two Banner ads or text ads, for a product line or business they want to promote.

5- Anyone posting comments to the reviews MUST keep comments to the thread and they are NOT allowed to promote any business or product other than in their signature! But Do feel free to post comments to the reviewer!

6- Writers can share reviews to as many books as they desire, but the reviews should be professional and clean. Just think- every book review you post your banner ads will be part of it, for ever... so it is worth your time and effort!

7- Topics can be as varied as the interests of my friends and acceptable to Adland so no Porn Reviews!

8- This forum is for EVERYONE and is somewhat self administerd. Thus when you open a new thread and post your reviews, only I will get an email stating you have done so... then once a week I will post a new thread inviting everyone to read the reviews of the week complete with YOUR review link! This will make sure everyone gets notice of the new reviews!

9- Take your time and play with page layout. Try placing your banners stratigically and wrapping your review words around them. This gives us all a chance to practice web page designs. Remember - since you have your own thread for the review - when people stumble upon this forum - right from the main forum page they will see book titles and authors..... and YOU the reviewer!

The format for placing banners in your review is exampled here in the rules. I've used Two Banner type ads as an example for you to follow!

Failing to comply to the rules will have reviews and or posts deleted!

Jump To Forum now and post your review and banners.

Make the jump here!

Lets have fun with this forum - and share both your book reviews and your business banners in a professional manner.

Making this forum somewhat self administered may be a challange, but I think we can work together. Since everyone is allowed and encouraged to advertise two banners within their reviews - everyone should feel free to promote the whole forum through their own forums.

I believe we CAN Work together...... lets prove it!

I'm looking forward to seeing what you all read about, but also I'm looking forward to seeing some creativity in page design. Take your time and be creative - remember your ad will remain in your review for as long as the forums life. So it is worth being business minded while you write your review.

The more professional and creative the review pages are, the longer lasting and more interesting this forum will become!

Love Light and Laughter!
Neil Sperling

Re: Everyone - please post your top three business ventures here
12/7/2008 9:24:56 AM
Hi Neil, Thanks for allowing us all to post our best business ventures in your forum. Mine at the moment which I have just joined is Big Ticket Depot. In a nutshell, they show you where and how to place ads in helping people sell their Big Ticket items. You know the items one bought when finances were good, and now the economy has slumped people are regretting that mad impulse buy and are looking where and how to sell their stuff to build up their finances again. This is where this system comes in. For more info go to If any of you reading this do decide to join, please contact me as we could help one another to achieve more commissions working together. Thanks for your time. Marilyn
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Re: Everyone - please post your top three business ventures here
12/8/2008 3:12:48 PM
1) Spin Success
2) The Internet Success Machine
3) Jon Olson's report

There goes my money makers :)
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Kim Fazzolari

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Re: Everyone - please post your top three business ventures here
12/9/2008 3:23:30 AM
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