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Neil Sperling

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Everyone - please post your top three business ventures here
9/30/2007 8:24:52 PM
Everyone - please post your top three business ventures here..... Keep the hype toned down just a little :-)

Just give us some basic details and the links.

It is all about us!

It is "Not" about you!

It is "Not" about me!

When we look at the global economic state, it is clearly in a bit of a mess. It is also clear that there is little, if any, difference between big business and big government. The same people call the shots in both. Unfortunately they don't call the shots in favor of the majority.

We need change from the bottom up not the top down. We need to re-ignite a community spirit of cooperation and hope like the pioneers had. This is not a change in government policy, rather a change in grass roots attitude.

In following the principles found in a book by Malcom Gladwell called "The Tipping Point" an epidemic of positive change can be created. (If you have not read the book, I encourage you to do so.)

In the book, one of the many examples of the "Tipping point" of change took place in a crime filled neighborhood. Graffiti was everywhere so they went in to a program of cleaning it up. Everything was washed and painted even the street cars. Every day crews went out and cleaned up all that was written the night before. Then all of a sudden there was a tipping point and no more new graffiti was written and at the same instant, crime dropped and the neighborhood became happy and clean.

The global economic situation will change for the positive when we develop a change in attitude and take responsibility more personal. We can do this by developing an attitude similar to the attitude the Pioneers had. One of working together and cooperation. The work bees of the early N.American settlers can be done today, albeit in a modern or different fashion.

I wrote an article that gives one example of how a work bee for today world can be created. It will take a team approach to understanding the idea and sharing it with others to create the "Tipping Point" to make it happen.

I need your help, please read the article and try to understand the underlying value it could bring.... A value first to one community.... and then from community to community to cover the globe in an instant.

After you read the article, this email to everyone you know. Upload the article link to your Facebook page, Linked In- Twitter or any online community or safe list you belong to.

Together we can create a global "Tipping Point."

A shifting of attitude and a spirit of cooperation and excitement.

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Cheers to the middle class!


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Re: Everyone - please post your top three business ventures here
9/30/2007 8:42:02 PM
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Sharon Lee

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Re: Everyone - please post your top three business ventures here
9/30/2007 8:47:00 PM

Thank you Neil. This is Cool!!

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Sharon Lee

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Re: Everyone - please post your top three business ventures here
9/30/2007 8:48:32 PM

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Marty Bromberg

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Re: Everyone - please post your top three business ventures here
9/30/2007 8:48:44 PM
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