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Mary Hannan

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Re: My Living Will
9/19/2007 5:02:46 PM

Hey Bj,
Here's one for you.

Their where two men, that after being killed in a car wreck found themselves standing outside of the Pearly Gates. After a while St. Peter can and told them that there was a mistake. They was not do to arrive in heaven for many years. He told them that they could go back to their earthly bodies and return, as they were scheduled to.
A angel appeared and summoned St. Peter away from the gate. Upon his return, he told the men that their bodies where cremated in the accident.
He told them that he was sorry and that they could go back, but in another form. They were to choose what form.
One of the men said he wanted to be a eagle so he could sore through the sky over the Rockies. St. Peter raised is arms and "poof" he was sent to back to Earth.
The other man said he wanted to be a cool stud. St. Peter once again raised his arms and "poof" he was sent back to Earth.
The years past and it was time for the two men to arrive in heaven. St. Peter summoned one of the angels to go to Earth and bring them back. The angel asked where he would find them.
St. Peter said one is soaring over the Rocky Mountains and the other is somewhere in Detroit Michigan, on a snow tire!

Your friend,

Bj Burgess

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Re: My Living Will
9/19/2007 7:50:04 PM

OMG.......LOL Mary now this was funny.....and cute.

Thanks for sharing,  Friends you need to come back and read Mary's joke.....ROFL

Thanks Mary


Re: My Living Will
9/20/2007 12:39:40 AM




    Bj ,  Thanks  for  the  callback.

      Mary  that  was  good.

Your  Friend

  Elbert  L  ( gouardhead )

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