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Re: Fuel Saving Gadgets and more ...
8/31/2007 3:27:49 AM
Hello Les,

I approved your post even though it's more like a sales pitch, but, I wanted to point out something you said.

First, I never said the EPA certifies any product. They merely accept registration of such products and issue a registration number.

This is from Motor Latte's own letter from the EPA.

"Note that per 40 CFR 79 .21() you would be required to notify us in writing if certai n
information in your notification were to change . In addition, note, that with your notification ,
you have provided assurances that you will not represent, directly or indirectly, in any notice;
circular, letter, or other written communication, or any written, oral or pictorial notice or other
announcement in any publication or by radio /or television, that registration of this additive
constitutes endorsement, certification, or approval by any agency of the United States .

Please call (202) 343-9754 if you have any questions .
Karl J. Simon
Acting Director
Compliance and Innovative Strategies Division"

So you see that wording of any product, whether yours or another company, has to be that the product is only 'registered'. This information is also readily available at

Many companies, I will not name here, try using the EPA as an endorsement or certification. Again, no government agency is allowed to do such.

Only independent lab tests can show whether a product really works or not. These tests are quite extensive and have to follow strict procedures to get a thorough evaluation.

I will look further into Motor Latte as time allows. I will be continuing these studies and reporting my findings.

To your success

Les Johnson

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Re: Fuel Saving Gadgets and more ...
8/31/2007 8:36:51 AM

  Hey Kenneth!

I wasn't saying that the EPA certifies, I was agreeing with what you were saying and so is our own company by posting the letter from EPA itself. The EPA states in its own ways, that it will not certify anything, but it does have to comply with todays laws concerning are Air Pollutions.  Please, forgive me for the sales pitch, and I know it did, but after saving over $1200.00 last year between my work van and my wifes car, (2500 series Dodge 3/4 ton van, Kia Sportage, 4 cylinder), and meeting all of the testimonials that the people write out and, oops, here I go again, lolol. All I can say is that it works. I will also talk to some of the best mechanics and people who have considerable knowledge about quite a few of the products that are out there and I will also tell you what I have found out and keep you posted as well, Kenneth. People can research and talk to companies all they want, but the ones who will really know, are the mechanics, because they see what it does to the engines and parts themselves, including the tests results that people just see.

 As for making money in our business, I am trying to get things into perspective so I can try to explain it to people with out any hitches, We do offer 6 different ways to make money, both MLM, but by a percentage on what you and others do, and by fleet compensation, which is alo added to the MLM side. This isn't your regular MLM payment plan either. Like I said, I am working on explaining it alittle easier. I think are company is trying to update are exisiting web site that explains it with easier and repeatable terms, lolol. Yes, I have made much more money from this business alone than any other internet business and that I have been trying to do now for the past 5 1/2 years. I will be retiring from my construction business by the end of the year, and believe me, Kenneth, after 38 years of being in construction, I am looking forward to putting the callouses on my hand to just about where I hold my golf clubs, lolol. Be Blessed my friend!


Thanks! God Bless!! Les Johnson Certified Independent Representitive! Motor Latte Commercial & Fleet Services 281-999-1156 Hm Bus. # 281-999-0043 Fax # http://w
Re: Fuel Saving Gadgets and more ...
9/4/2007 7:18:18 AM

Dear Mr Sword: Kenneth:

I would like to offer the following letter copied from an associates research files. I trust that no one I know will ever have to use this as a template for their own personal use use.

Vernon Browne / BCN NEWS


Dear Judge, Sir:


I am sitting here in my jail cell waiting to enter your courtroom and wanted to tell you how sorry I am for being such a fool. You see sir, I was out there like others attempting to earn a living on the Internet and like many other people, I found one program that I thought would be the perfect opportunity; this is the same one that is about to have me stand before you today and was found to be a scam. As we both know now, it ripped off a lot of unsuspecting people, me included. I am a victim too. That’s not going to excuse the fact that I was warned to get out and that the program was not legal. I was one of those people that thought, gosh, so and so is in, so it has to be legit or,  so and so has been doing business on line for ages, so this is a sure fire money maker. I believe they are in the cell next to mine. Your honor, I was a stay at home person, my kids love me and miss me so much. They have not seem me for 30 days now and my spouse, who by the way was one of those who warned me this was all somehow a scam – well sir- they are filing for divorce and that on the advice of our attorney and to protect our finances, our house is up for sale this week, bank account closed and our 401 K closed out; with a substantial loss I might add.


Sir, no words can express my sorrow or remorse over what has happened. I went from unemployment to $3,000 a month with that program for ten months and then the bottom dropped out, people stopped signing up and investing in the system and then on top of that, I find out in a news paper article that the product is not what it is suppose to be. Then the news hit that this was not just a national scam, it was International. To say that I was upset and scared all at the same time would be understated. I never thought in my wildest dreams that someone from the FBI would come knocking on my door last month telling me that they got my information from an agent with Interpol and that I was under arrest for International e-commerce fraud. I think that’s how they put it. Anyway, I’m sorry for my part in this. That may not change what occurs today but I still needed you to know that I am sorry. Please, fine me if you’d like for my stupidity but please, do not send me jail. I am so scared of this place. Please.


Very truly yours,


( name with held as requested )   


The world of advertising and marketing is one where ethics and fair play abound.
Jenny SJ

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Re: Fuel Saving Gadgets and more ...
9/5/2007 8:33:03 PM
Hi Ken,

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Vernon Browne on an excellent template, that, unfortunately reflects the story of more than one net work marketer.

why is it that people have such an alergic reaction to doing their due dilgence??


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