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Fuel Saving Gadgets and more ...
8/30/2007 2:07:14 AM
As I continue on my searches and calls about fuel saving gadgets and products I continue to find from the 'experts' this general claim.

"To the best of my knowledge, no "add-on" fuel economy device or product has ever demonstrated worthwhile savings, yet new ones are always being introduced to the market, and uninformed customers are easily taken in by the claims and marketing "hype"."

Tony Cains, who has worked in the car industry for over fifteen years, everything from development of novel fuel-efficient engines to mapping of production vehicles, has a site he maintains (since 2003) of the various products and gadgets described.

I, also will be looking for some of my old classmates from UTEP that are/were engineering majors and have done work for and/or with NASA. UTEP's Engineering Program has been working for many years with NASA from simple components to major product design.

Now, I remember someone claims that their product was developed by NASA. I will find out. Highly unlikely since solid rocket fuel and petroleum products we use in automobiles are two totally different products.

And I did find out that the EPA does NOT approve or endorse ANY products, period. "EPA registration is not an endorsement of the product or a validation of any of the manufacturer's claims"

From the EPA website on these types of products:

EPA has evaluated over one hundred products in this program. A listing of the products which have been
tested (as of this publication’s date) is attached to this document. The report number associated with each
of the evaluated products may be used to purchase a copy of the report. Orders for the reports may be
placed with:
The National Technical Information Service
5285 Port Royal Road
Springfield, VA 22161
Phone: (800) 553-6847
It is suggested that individuals contemplating the purchase of these products request test data rather than
testimonial or anecdotal evidence from the supplier.
One should also weigh the cost of the product against
the actual fuel savings over the intended use period.
This actual statement is from a .pdf published by the EPA.

Get the report and see if your product is listed.

Kenneth R Sword Jr
Re: Fuel Saving Gadgets and more ...
8/30/2007 2:15:56 AM
I forgot to include that UTEP's EAFRL Program (Engines & Alternative Fuels Research Laboratory) does testing on various products for combustion engines.

You may contact them here:

Dr. Myoungjin(Arnold) Kim
The University of Texas at El Paso
Mechanical Engineering Dept.
500 W. University
El Paso, Texas 79968-0521
Phone: (915) 747-5769
Fax: (915) 747-5019
Email: mjkim


The EAFRL is located within the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department at the University of Texas at El Paso. The EAFRL provides opportunities for faculty and students to pursue fundamental and applied investigations and advance technology in internal combustion engines and alternative fuels.

Judy Smith

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Re: Fuel Saving Gadgets and more ...
8/30/2007 7:07:13 AM

Hi Ken,

Your research has been extensive.  I have not been too surprised by your finding as I went through some of the same research a year ago with another hyped fuel saving compnay.

Thanks for all you are doing.


(I owe you a picture - I got my IDIT - AWESOME)


Mary Hofstetter

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Re: Fuel Saving Gadgets and more ...
8/30/2007 7:18:56 AM


People will continue to purchase such products because they want to  believe.

overweight=buy  a product         No change eating  habits and    handle medical issues, exercise, consider genetics.

gas is expensive, save the enviorment=buy an additive   No change driving habits, alternative fuel options

I'm not happy=drink to excess, shop, get high     No change thinking process to optimissim.

marriage problems=divorce       No get help, change behavior

Their is a cure for every ill.   Everyone just wants the easy way out.  Ignore the obvious  and buy into what others want you to buy. I have some snake oil to sell anyone who thinks it would change anything   for them.

Look at how mom and pop stores have turned into mega stores. Why? Because we want to buy more and more,  You can have how different coffees at Starbucks?? 


Les Johnson

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Re: Fuel Saving Gadgets and more ...
8/30/2007 7:52:45 AM

  Hey Kenneth!

 I see that you are still doing your homework on the gas products. When you mentioned that the EPA cerifiy's quite a few of the products that are out there, it is just to say that it is safe to use, but they do not do there own testing. They go by what has already been tested to make sure that it does not exceed the maxium emissions and pollutants that are a requirement now a days!

 Kenneth, I had the extreme pleasure of being in Dallas Tx, this past weekend and I was there to represent are company, MotorLatte, and was able to introduce our Diesel Booster and are main product, our Engine 12000 Metal Conditioner, which treats the metal, not the fluids, like I have stated to you from before hand, to some of the owner operators that are out there and are having troubles with the ULSD fuels that are now a requirement because of the laws that have been changed due to the sulfur content that has been emitted from the big rigs and contirbuting to our now air pollution troubles, alond with some of the cars that are still old and even some of the newer ones. I was able to actually show them and do the exact same test that I have on my web site this time, and I really got a better look at what are products can do, Kenneth. If you watched the testing on the friction test that we have now, you'll see what are Engine 12000 can do for gas and diesel engines, inside the engines, transmissions, gear boxes, differentials, wheel ball bearings, and what ever else, including farm equipment, and lawnmowers and other landscaping tools, that need lubricating, and creates heat.

 What I found out though, because of our metal conditioner, being inside our Diesel Booster, adding the lubricity that is being taken out of the Diesel fuels, back in, without adding any sulfur, graphite, solids, siicon, or tefelon back into the engine or fuel, because there is none of it in any of our products, that are Diesel Booster was actually better that some of the heavy duty oil for ther trucks themselves, in our friction test. Doing the actual testing myself gave me a renewed vigor in having the most complete confidence in any and all of are products. Like I told you from before Kenneth, I have no qualms at all telling people that there are quite a few products and gadgets out there that will claim and actually work for a little while, because there is alot of competition out there so I am one who really needs to know what I am up against, and have to know what it is that they have. There are some additives that can do just as well as are Engine 12000 Metal Conditioner, but as for the additives against are diesel booster, sorry, haven't seen or tested anything so far that even compares to what we have. I will always, answer anybodys questions if they have any by e-mailing me at my e-mail down below, Kenneth, or they can call me and I will get back to them as soon as I can.

 I commend you on doing your due dilligence with all of this as well Kenneth. I am making sure this time though, that I check the box to reply to anybody that wants to.


Les Johnson
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Motor Latte Commercial & Fleet Services
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