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Please be careful - check this out
8/27/2007 8:09:59 AM
From Anthony Allen.

This one is important: Do NOT click on links alleging to be
 YouTube videos if they come in unexpected.

 Here's the situation. There is a huge rash of spam going
 around that pretends to point to "compromising" videos of
 you. They're in HTML format, so the URL can look like it
 points to, but the underlying URL is really a
 different site, usually with a numeric IP address rather than
 a domain name.

 When you get there, you'll be prompted to download "the
 video," which is really a Trojan. Once you run it, you're
 owned, bay-bay. They can do pretty much whatever they want
 with your computer and connection.

 With the popularity of YouTube and the fear factor built in
 to the emails, I expect a lot of people will fall for this.
 They'll mostly be expecting a funny gag sent by a friend.

 Be careful out there.


 Oh... those welcome emails you've been getting for various
 special interest membership sites? Same product, different

 You get there and they tell you that, unless you see the
 "lock" at the bottom of your browser, you need to download and
 install their "security patch" to make sure your information
 is kept confidential.

 The only thing that's kept confidential if you follow those
 instructions is which bot herder now owns your machine.

 Be paranoid. They ARE out to get you.

Best regards - PLEASE BE CAREFUL.
Andreas Krokene

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Re: Please be careful - check this out
9/13/2007 5:50:05 AM
Greetings Anthony,

This is more of the same ol' same ol' thing.

Scammers are criminals, and as you rightly said, "Be paranoid. They ARE out to get you."

Your point on html coding is correct, and with the general population's lack of knowledge, these criminals will continue to reel in the unsuspecting suckers, because many people (myself included!) want to believe everything that's written.

People: Learn just how scammers operate and protect yourselves. There are many tricks of the trade that can be employed. Some cost some money, some can be free. With ID theft and fraud on the increase can anyone really keep themselves in the dark anymore?

If you would like anymore information feel ree to email me.

Take care.

Andreas Krokene.
Kindest regards, Andreas Krokene For an offbeat look at life through Andreas's eyes... Coming soon...
Re: Please be careful - check this out -this is fake
9/23/2007 12:10:01 AM
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Re: Please be careful - check this out- This is also scam
9/23/2007 12:14:31 AM
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Andreas Krokene

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Re: Please be careful - check this out- This is also scam
9/23/2007 8:30:18 AM
Greetings Everyone,

I get absolutely crazed and upset when I see any of a myriad scams like this.

I'm just about at the point where I want to ditch email altogether, not because it's not a fantastic method of staying in touch with everyone, but because email has been so ruined by the criminals among us.

It's almost pointless to post further email scams simply because so much of email now is a scam of one sort or another.

Don't take this as a criticism of any warning posts. That is not my aim. It's just that with so many scams at the moment you can almost consider the majority of email to be one of the many scams.

This is probably why social communities like this are more and more popular all the time.

Anyway this is the end of my rant.

I wish you all a great rest of the weekend.

For me it's 9-30 PM Sunday Sep 23, 2007, and my weekend's nearly gone.

C'est la vie.

Andreas Krokene,
Perth, Western Australia.
Kindest regards, Andreas Krokene For an offbeat look at life through Andreas's eyes... Coming soon...

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