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Re: What's Working and What's Not
8/25/2007 2:39:05 PM
Hi Jeff,
It appears that you have been involved with affiliate marketing for a long time. Here are some questions for you:
1. With more than 200 affiliate sites, how many hours per day do you spend tracking and working with these programs?
2. Is the site you recommend created by you, or are you an affiliate for this site? Why is it better than the other programs that say they can build you a great opt in list and make you money? How many people have you sponsored into this program and how many of them are earning more than they spend on it?
3. Are you earning a substantial amount of income from any one particular site, or just small amounts from all 200 sites?

Your input would be appreciated, Jeff.


Jeff Sy

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Re: What's Working and What's Not
8/25/2007 3:22:32 PM

Hi Rick,

1) I spend hours every day on the net, but thats mainly because I own a hosting company which was my main business. I Use the traffic exchange programs like those at for about an hour a day, I have been doing it for long enough now that the people under me earn me enough credits to surf just long enough to keep my accounts open with the exception of that I have become a pro member so I dont have to surf. My URls have been shown 12680 time so far this month.

2) Yes is my site. I use it to show people how to get a great autoresponder (for an affiliate company) which stores details. It will NOT build your list for you, you still have to market your autoresponder link.

I have 512 people. Which means that when they decide to join I make just over $17 per peson when they join and a residual income every month after that.

To earn more money than you spend, you just have to introduce more than one person per month, the affiliate pays 100% of their first payment to you. When I first started using the company I wasn't bothered about this though, I just needed an autoresponder.

3) I am earning a little from most. There seems to be "trends", some months some do better than others.


Hope this helps you out some. Feel free to ask more.

Take care, regards Jeff - Free Advertising - Free Advertising Information - Free Easy Autosurf - Manual Traffic Exchange and more - If you want me to teach you for FREE how to build massive downlines.
Re: What's Working and What's Not
8/26/2007 10:48:49 AM

What works and what does not work. I have found my self in a lot of different traffic exchanges, safe lists and even so called lead generating systems to build leads. I have been dissappointed.

I joined a company, 2TillProfit where I get unlimited autoresponders, unlimited rotators, unlimited tracking and with using the rotators and tracking tools I have found out what works for me and what does not work.

I am currently putting my first newsletter together using 2TillProfit auto responder and Aweber. I have too many leads in Aweber to give it I gave my link to a one time-life time offer for 2TillProfit. This offer will be gone soon and then we will only have a monthly or yearly charge. Get it now and have it for a life time with no extra charge.

I am co-owner of The Webinar Pros and that is where my partner and I offer a variety of webinar services. We are really starting to build in that direction.

Bill Long, I downloaded your e-book. Thank you.

One great way to learn and even show what you have is to host a webinar. Join The Big Webinar and get different advice every week. If you are a speaker you can also become a speaker of The Big Webinar. Our guest this week is Erika Taylor of Three Girls Media. Her topic is "PR 101: Press Release is a 4-Letter Word". She'll give us some guidance on the best ways and places to issue a press release. There's no cost for the webinar.

Webinar Services, The Big Webinar, 2TillProfit

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