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Re: Too many scams being thrown around ...
8/23/2007 6:17:58 PM
G'day from Australia Mates & Matesses :-) This MAY be Helpful - as we get bombarded with so called business opportunites on the internet all the time - a Diplomatic Way of Telling Family & Friends - the Business Opportunities that they keep RAVING on about may be nothing more than SCAMS Best Wishes Shirley & Owen -------------------- Environmentally Friendly Business Opportunity Just Launching Internationally! Has the potential to be BIGGER than anything we have ever seen before!
Re: Too many scams being thrown around ...
8/25/2007 12:23:05 AM

I just posted on Ken's other forum this website. Check it every week for news on current MLM opportunities:

Also, for yourself, if you find a company that you can trust, you can stop looking and focus on that. You don't need to be afraid of it crumbling in on you.

Knowing if an opportunity is a scam will help you educate others you need who are struggling with a scam or just a bad opportunity.

That's where the roll of a mentor comes in.

Great forum Ken.


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