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Too many scams being thrown around ...
8/23/2007 3:04:50 AM
I have for the past 3 weeks (paid attention to) been receiving offers for this and that and every possible idea that will make you money. I get these offers in my PM box here at ALP, through email from Adlanders and see forum notices.

I have looked at quite a few (over 30 now) and most are either pyramid, ponzi, or some kind of gifting program and they are illegal. Some have come up with words and phrases to disguise what is really going on.

I will state that if you haven't done your due diligence and only taking someone's word only on the credibility of any program then I have a few aliens for sale.

Here is a link to help you understand Pyramid Schemes, Ponzi Schemes and other Frauds. This is a must read if you are to protect yourself. Why am I saying protect yourself? You can be liable to pay back anything gained AND be jailed for participating in such programs.

The link:

Bob has given some great resources and has defined various schemes well. But, what he states is not the end of the list. He gives good examples and states there are many variations and word changes to disguise these programs.

Compare your program to see if it at all resembles anything you read here. If it looks very similar you better take your losses and go elsewhere.

I even encourage everyone to do their due diligence on any of my offers. Just don't take my word for it. I may mess up and we all be in trouble. I'm human, too.

And, always, always take the time to look into any program with a microscope and ask questions and ask for proof. If your not sure what you are given is proof then ask another outside party to look at what you received. Hell, even come ask me and I'll do my best to answer or find you an answer.

Tired of scams and people being burned.


P.S. Even if you are getting paid doesn't mean it's legal. Check into it.

Re: Too many scams being thrown around ...
8/23/2007 5:34:40 AM

Goodmorning Kenneth:

It is internesting to me how the Internet has become what we also experience off line in our communities - opportunities that are safe and sane and  those that will totally destroy your life and livelyhood.

In your well written essay above, you noted that:

This is a must read if you are to protect yourself. Why am I saying protect yourself? You can be liable to pay back anything gained AND be jailed for participating in such programs. "

Those here on line will question this fact of life continually. I can tell you first hand that we had an Intern who was told time and time again not to participate in an MLM program as they could be held liable. She refused to listen. It was this time last year that she was standing in a court room, along with five other people from her local off line community as a defendant for just such an incident. After all was said and done, she lost her automobile, lost her savings and was fined well over $10,000 for her pariticipation. Luckily for her, there was no jail time handed down. After she stopped crying, the judge explained that eventhough she was told that the program may have been bogus, she kept promoting it and took money from people as part of her " commissions ".

People just don't get that once you're told that it might be illegal ( and it's found later that it is ) you are just as quilty as the person and or persons that initiiated the program.

You also noted that:

 " I have a few aliens for sale. "

To end this reply on a more positive note, please go here and zoom in : )

To your continued success,

Joe Buccheri,


Mary Hofstetter

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Re: Too many scams being thrown around ...
8/23/2007 6:52:25 AM
Ken, You are trying so hard to keep Adlanders aware of what is happening but we really don't want to hear it. I feel like your efforts are like like the samon trying to swim against the current going up stream. Arthur Webster has a forum I recommend for everyone to read: "Why you should have a ton of common sense" We don't want to know!!! We want to believe and have hope that what we have joined in going to be everything promised to us. About 6 months we had a situation here in our community that pulled in several hundred people which turned out to be a scam. After a quiet lay off, the scroundrel returned with another "sure thing" promotion. The niecest people can be the one who kidnapps, steals, rapes, swindles etc. That is why we can't tell children to look for the bad guys.....they don't look bad. Watch out for the fox dressed in wolves clothing. Look out for the smooth talker, luring you in with false promises. What is the history of your potential business? What business(es) did this CEO involve themselves in previous to the present business? Ken, if you tell me they took the funds and ran when the ship sunk, I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT. Look at what a nice person this is.
Donald Beilstein

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Re: Too many scams being thrown around ...
8/23/2007 7:21:20 AM
Ken, Thanks for the forum. Is there anyone or any web site that posts these web sites and their offers to give one a heads up on these shady programs. I think it would help immensly, especially for people like me, Thanks, DON
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Re: Too many scams being thrown around ...
8/23/2007 7:26:32 AM

Excellent advise. One easy way to find out more about an opportunity is to do a Google search like this:

"Wonderful company [scam]"

This will bring up all the dirt, right down to the grandma who got mad about late shipment of product. Look for factual third party complains and legal actions.

Even if you find an opportunity that is legal, that is, one that pays you for the consumption, use and sale of a real product or service, you must still do your due diligence to see if you can trust the poeple in charge. Again, a search like I just described will tell all.

Next, you must, must, must read the policies and procedures before you sign up. This is your legal contract with the company and it dictated how you will be treated. Will you be treated fairly, or are they using a lot of legal parlance to hide ways in which they will steal your paycheck.

Don't laugh. Thre are more rotten eggs in MLM than I'd like to admit. BUT, there are some gems too. Don't you deserve to put your time, heart and money into something that will last, instead of having your work fall through just when you are seeing big results.

I have found the free training and education with priceless. Here's my website that introduces their resources.
(this is not an affiliate link)

If integrity, honesty, and genuine caring for others are your hallmarks, then you owe it to yourself to get the resources you need and join a team of people who are standing up for what is right.

Dorothy Lam


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