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It's So Good It's Endorsed By ...
8/11/2007 3:14:47 AM
My new ebook called "Why Are You Not Earning From Social Sites and How To Correct It" has now been endorsed.
See who and what they have to say.

Hello Kenneth,

I have just finished reading your e-book and have to tell you this is great tool for anybody who wants to do business on the internet today. People who have not read what you have to say in regards to social networking and want to make money using the internet, are probably missing more than 50% of the game without this info.

I highly recommend it. Just following couple of ideas from this e-book will double your income overnight.

Bogdan Fiedur

Hi Kenneth,

If you work online, this brilliant guide is a “must have” to blogging and social networking. Your presence is key. You have to sell yourself first. In these pages, you will find all the information you need. Also, there are some very valuable links to start you on your way. Use this as you set your presence up. Do the work now and reap the rewards later. As someone who has worked very hard to get recognized online I recommend you use this as your guide. See you at the top.

To your continued success,

Nan Herring

Hi Kenneth,

What a Fantastic little e-book! Packed full of all the information you will need to get yourself out there in easy to read instructions, making light bulbs go off in your head as you read along. I still have a lot of learn and this will definitely help me on my way to better success and will do the same for anyone! This guide is a MUST, grab your copy today!

To your success!

Donna Stevenson

So, if they see it works why not you, too.

Get your copy TODAY!.

Social Site Ebook

Kenneth R Sword Jr

Lisa Lomas

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Re: It's So Good It's Endorsed By ...
8/11/2007 5:29:17 AM
Hi Kenneth,

Thankyou for sharing, I will buy it once I have some money in
the right account, hope you keep this page up.

Thinking of visiting New Zealand. A must see is Hawkes Bay, Hastings.
Re: It's So Good It's Endorsed By ...
8/11/2007 8:05:25 AM

Hi Kenneth,

I read your e-book last night and I just wanted to write to you and let you know that I thought it was a great e-book filled with a lot of very helpful information. You did a marvelous job writing it, and you explained things in a way that even newbie's will be able to understand and follow along. Another fine job from you Kenneth..I would recommend it to anyone!

Thanks for a great read!

Marilyn Martin

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Re: It's So Good It's Endorsed By ...
8/11/2007 11:26:14 PM
Hi Kenneth

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