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Brad West

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Get a Group Mentality!! What Expands Attracts!!
8/8/2007 3:25:46 PM

Group Mentality Get Some!!

This concept is an old one but somehow it has been lost in the selfish modern world of today, with it is everyone for themselves’ mentality. Part of my quest as a community builder is to educate and help people to realize the harm they are doing to themselves when they have an all for me and just worry about me attitude. I would like to point out a few advantages to working with and together as a group. It is also powerful and healthy for you as an individual to work and play together.

Sharing with an open positive heart is one of the strongest assets to a community. If you realize how powerful your thoughts were you would never think a negative thought. So when I say open positive heart I mean act with out the, you owe me attitude. But still believe that some where down the line you will receive payment for your kind gestures and then some. You never know where they are coming from and you don’t have to dwell on them, just know they will happen. This is faith, actually living a life that gives evidence to all that you believe

An example of this is Awhile back I started a forum for advertising; one of the issues brought up in the planning stages of this project was, if I referred a lead to the site and the lead ends up signing up with someone else, would there be a problem?

I could understand the feeling, but this is a negative thought was very upsetting. So I began to explore the up side, what is important here? I took a look at the situation with the open heart concept, I saw this. A person that I invited to my board found someone that had the same opportunity as I and signed up in the program under them. The first thing I need to do is contact them reintroduce myself and welcome them into the program. Give them assurance that just because they were not in my down-line they could still come to me for help or needed questions answered, that I was available to them also.

First If your prospect joined with someone else that may be a good thing if they feel more comfortable with them, they maybe more productive as a whole possibly be more inclined to spread the word of their find. ME!!

Second If they joined the community under someone that I had not met, this still gives me the opportunity to contact them, congratulate them and start networking with them also. Exchange contact information share what I was doing and who I am. I have just gained more power, the ultimate networking situation is being able to help someone.

Third T can expect this prospect to help me out a little more. If they signed up because the forum had sufficient information they must have felt comfortable enough to act. This means the dynamics of this source is enough to compel them to send others to get their information there. I can expect referrals and new people to collect and share information on my board. Then share where they found their information. Good attracts good more attracts more.

Think about this for a moment if you would. If you are driving down the road and you see a person standing on the side of the road looking out over a lake. You don’t think twice about it you may notice them but you don’t even think twice or slow down you just drive on by. On the other hand if you are driving down the road and you come across a group of people looking out over a lake most of the time your curiosity gets the better of you. You slow down and do a little rubber necking yourself. You may even stop and get out joining the group to find out what you are missing. Bigger is better, more attracts more and that is a fact.

This is just part of the rewards of working with and being an active part of a community in a selfless manner. It maybe hard for some to grasp this concept at first but if you can act in faith and practice this you will be a winner. To achieve anything great it takes great faith. To accomplish this faith takes work and a battle with your subconscious. Beat those negative thoughts out of your subconscious, replace them with positive thoughts. Work from the inside out, live from the inside out. When I say making heaps of money is a spiritual experience I mean it. Change your mind and prosper!

There are way too many choices and directions to go today on the internet, too many people going in too many directions hindering success and accomplishing very little, some with allot of effort. The new trend will be groups and established communities joining each other to become even stronger. This is where the true power will come to be successful. Unity and like-mindedness on the internet today will produce great wealth for many people in the near future. There is truly no other way!

I proclaim UNITY as the word of 2008

There is strength in numbers.

Expand everything it attracts more people, More people more Power!!

Get back to basics with old fashion networking Love, Trust, and Money!

 Brad West



What are your thoughts??

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Roger Macdivitt .

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Re: Get a Group Mentality!! What Expands Attracts!!
8/8/2007 5:21:56 PM

Hello Brad,

I am the biggest group dynamics fan you will find.

I used to do everything myself as I thought that was the only way to guarantee the outcome.

Then I ran into certain problems of health (I won't expand that here). This meant that some of the things that I now found difficult were better done by others and then I discovered THE BIGGIE. People like to be asked to do what they are good at.

I have never been a detail person, give me a programme, give me a method and prove to me the possible outcome and I'll go for it, BUT, ask me three weeks into a new programme just how it works and I'll struggle to explain. That's how it is. But, in a team I will have a SOMEBODY who just loves the detail, so what do I do when asked for detail? I say ''Go and ask Mr. SOMEBODY, he knows and will explain things better''.

But wait, Mr. SOMEBODY is no good at phoning people and building a rapport, so, guess what? I volunteer. I can do that. I get them signed by my enthusiasm and then pass them to Mr. SOMEBODY to give them detail.

Then another wants help with a new website. No, not me, but I know a gal who can help. An so on ad finitum.

Groups working together and using the best skills they have are unbeatable.

Have a group hug on me. It's powerful.



Lisa Lomas

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Re: Get a Group Mentality!! What Expands Attracts!!
8/8/2007 6:02:00 PM
My Thoughts?

Hello Brad,

A friend of yours
Roger Macdivitt sent this today via mail.

I totally agree with your statements, this is more important than a whole lot of new marketing books.

Thank you for sharing
I will be interested to see the answers here.


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Phillip Black

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Re: Get a Group Mentality!! What Expands Attracts!!
8/8/2007 7:25:38 PM

Hi Brad,

Thanks for the excellent Post.

Whenever we work together as a Group, we not only have the strength of sheer numbers, but we also have the combined experience and ideas, which just might allow us to achieve our Goals much more rapidly.

We've all seen this before, however it's still as true today, as it was 20 years ago:





Thanks again for the excellent Forum.  Looking forward to many lively discussions.

Glad We're Friends,


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