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Rose Enderud

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Art Exhibitions at Adlandpro #17
8/6/2007 6:58:24 AM

It is our pleasure to bring you
Arts Exhibitions at Adlandpro
Exhibition 17
An on-line exhibition of work by Artist and Craftsmen at Adlandpro
(A new exhibition every three weeks)

  Mario Labonte has been a member of Adlandpro since June 2007. He is a good friend with a marvelous talent.  Mario designs business cards, brochures, magazine ads, in addition to his wonderful paintings. If you need so window art he is your man.

Mario has put together a slide show to dazzle you. Please enjoy the show.

"Mystic Mountain"                   "Atticus"

"Sea of Dreams"

About the Artist:

I am native of Quebec city, now resident of beautiful British Columbia for a
little over 20 yrs. As with many artists I find my love for the arts began at
a young age. Ever since my first scribbles would evolve into doodles, I would
soon realize that this passion I felt would over power me in my life. So here I
am many years later,( with a little more maturity ) still expressing myself
through my artistic work. My training is mostly self taught, but I have had a
few years of training as a Graphic Designer in Quebec city as well as in
British Columbia. Over the years I have found myself to be influenced by
almost everything around me, in many ways one may see this in my work.
Reflecting my versatility, I create Graphic Designs such as Logo's, Business
cards and Brochures , as well as magazine Illustrations, Murals, painting store
fronts and home windows. While in Victoria I have been enormously blessed
working with world re~known Elza and Anne Mayhew. They have provided
me with great insight in life and art and have shown me that nothing is
impossible. I consider myself truly blessed to have shared part of my life with
such wonderful, soulful, creative women. It is not an easy task to live as an
artist. I must greatly thank my entire family, my life long princess Lori for
providing me with their incredible support and insight. Thank you for being
my greatest fans!

Over the past few years in Victoria, I have been concentrating on promoting
my Window art and mural work. My paintings seem to stir emotions in
children of all ages. One day as I was painting a store front window an elderly
 woman approached me saying that "my work transports her back into times
when she would remember, as a younger child, running across the snowy
slopes of her parents farm". She then thanked me for bringing back a long
forgotten memory. Painting Murals and Windows are a great medium for me
to share and express my feelings with the public. I take great pride in my
work, closely working with my clients ideas, I create a painting that is original
 with a high visual impact. I will work on any theme whether it be a Christmas,
 Valentines, Easter, Spring, Halloween or promotional Design. My work is
not limited to business owners, but also includes private residences. I will
paint Murals in any room of the house, such as a faux or themed design in the
 hallway or a mural in your child's bedroom or recreation area. Perhaps you
might like your windows painted! I am presently making Signed Edition prints
and Greeting cards available for purchase and constantly adding new work to
my site, come back often to see what is new. Any comments you might have
are more than welcome here. If you would like to commission some work or
simply say hello, contact me any time.

All the best in Love, Health, Happiness and Success to you all and thank you
for your interest in my work.

Visit my official site

Mario Labonte.

P.S. I also run a Travel Business with my partner Lori, if you have some time take a look at it.
Just click on the banner below.

The Arts Exhibitions Team

Judy Smith

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Re: Art Exhibitions at Adlandpro #17
8/6/2007 7:04:28 AM

Hi Rose & company!!

What an interesting exhibit.  I was taken especially by "Sea of Dreams"

Thanks for sharing Mario's talent with us.  You have done an awesome job as usual with the exhibit!


Joe Downing

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Re: Art Exhibitions at Adlandpro #17
8/6/2007 7:10:21 AM
Hello Rose, Jenny and Venerina,

Thank you for another great Art & Exhibition.  I really like the way Mario can make the snow look so real.  Very impressive work!

Thank you,

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Jenny SJ

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Re: Art Exhibitions at Adlandpro #17
8/6/2007 7:16:24 AM
Hi Rose

Mario, Many thanks for allowing us to show yur work.  I hope everyone takes the chance to visit your site - your glass painting work and other projects are really spectacular.

Take Care


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