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David Ellison

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Just Had Major Surgery
7/20/2007 10:32:55 AM
Hi Adland friends just had major surgery have to were a bag for a while to sorry not on much please pray for me thanks dont really know what to do
Len Berghoef

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Re: Just Had Major Surgery
7/20/2007 10:36:39 AM

Hi David,

Thanks for keeping us posted. I hope that you will have a speedy recovery from your surgery.
My prayers are with you.

Your friend,


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Re: Just Had Major Surgery
7/20/2007 11:08:39 AM
 Hey David

ope you get back on your feet soon. I was wandering where

you were since i havn't heard from you in quite a while.

Remember if you need anything i will be here.

Wishing you a speedy recovery

Your friend

Bruce Symons

Re: Just Had Major Surgery
7/20/2007 11:11:22 AM
Hi David, Good to hear from you again! I will be praying for you.
Warm regards, Jr Reedy
Ron Orr

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Re: Just Had Major Surgery
7/20/2007 11:15:39 AM
Hello David.  Recovering can be a long road . But it is one step and one day at a time.  keep the faith and keep your self busy. Many ways to keep busy.Reading puzzles, internet. Most of us get dealt some bad blows at times.I have found that thinking postive really helps to get back on ones feet. If we dwell on what has happen to us it just gets worse!! So grab those ole boots straps and  pull yer self up ole chap. Take care  and have a good week end and remeber to keep your dreams out in front of you. Ron:)
Ron Orr

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