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Re: Internet Business News
7/12/2007 9:17:07 AM

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for this forum. Looking forward to your newsletter.

My interests are wide and I do believe we can earn a full time income through marketing on the internet AND it doesn't have to cost us an arm and a leg! Here's one source I use. (Has a great 2 tier affiliate program)

Another interest of great importance is this ~ IDENTITY THEFT ~ The FTC says up to 9,000,000 (million) people per year have their identity stolen. Database security is compromised everyday. So far this year I have received 4 different letters from 4 different sources saying my info was among that of a database that was breeched, stolen or lost. (Credit Union, Credit Card Company, Pension Administrator & a State Agency).

My wife received a call from her credit card company asking if she had made a large purchase in Houston, TX (over $2K). We live in New England not Texas. She answered, No. We found out later that a 46" Plasma TV was purchased using her credit card number but had a different name, a man's name. We found out that thieves can make a knock off card that works. All they need is your number. They even had the 3 digit security number!

ID Theft is the Crime of The Century. According to the FTC it can take 600 +/- hours and an average of $1500 or more to restore your identity, yourself. Innocent people are being arrested because of crimes committed by identity thieves. Although we can never be assured our identities will not be stolen we can take steps to protect ourselves in the event we become 1 of the 9,000,000/yr. Check out this inexpensive program that covers both of us for about 42¢ per day. This program also handles the IDENTITY RESTORATION PROGRAM. To my knowledge they are the only ones that do that. The other programs reimburse you for lost wages and expenses AND YOU have to do the work and endure the headaches. Let the experts handle it for you. Check my program out.  (Help us spread the word & earn extra income)

We also need to take care of our planet. I'm not a tree hugger but do believe we need to be more responsible of our environment. Are you a fan of alternative energy like I am? Ever considered Solar? A residential solar system can cost you thousands of dollars ($20K or more). Here is a viable opportunity. Discover how you can utilize solar and even earn an income.

And we need to fight the gouging at the gas pump. I use this product and IT WORKS. I've tried others but usually the costs eat up the savings or the product caused me problems. ME2 (ME squared) has been tested in an EPA approved facility. Here's the site 

Stay in good spirits

Doug Dawes 


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Re: Internet Business News
7/12/2007 10:23:07 AM
Thank you for inviting me  Dennis,

People do business with people they like

Everyone needs an occasional “shot of inspiration.”
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Re: Internet Business News
7/12/2007 7:31:15 PM

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Hello Everyone,

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- Publishing plans can cost a great deal of money. Not that there isn't a tremendous savings over Television or Radio advertisement. You can only hope the right audience reads your one time printed ad. Now there is hope to take your business to the next level and join the growing interest on the exciting World Wide Web. For the price of a few printed advertisements, you will receive maximum exposure, for one whole year. That's an incredible savings! 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, right in your customers home. That's where they feel very comfortable when viewing your products, and planning their next purchase.

Great sales material can bring excitement, interest and vibrancy to your business as well as increased revenue.


If you have any questions please fill free to email me at

Have a great day!


Joe Goldner COO Ritty In The City
Re: Internet Business News
7/13/2007 12:42:20 AM

Hi Dennis,

I signed up and I think signing up to someones newsletter is a good start at friendship on line.

I have an Email account just for newsletter and I put them in order of which ones I like the most. I read them almost every day. I have learned alot from them.

I hopeto here from you again.



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