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Dave Cottrell

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Why Google Hates Me...
7/8/2007 4:30:06 AM
Hi folks,

Well, wouldn't you know it?  G**gle cancelled my Ads*nse account about a year ago, without warning, incidently, and won't give me another one.

It seems that my content doesn't meet their guidelines...

OK...   you can all see the trash I write on or on Rantings, one of my blogs.

Last time I applied, I received a rather generic letter informing me that my sites don't meet the requirements of their program.

Let's see...

You can get an Ads*nse account if your blog or website is a bunch of meaningless computer-generated garbage meant to advertise Viagra or any one of a thousand different pharmaceuticals, or even blatant pornography, but you can't get an Ads*nse account if you call a scammer a scammer!

G**gle ranks very close to the top of the heap in most visited sites on the internet, but they don't give a hoot about journalistic honesty.  They couldn't care less if your site doesn't say anything intelligent, as long as it doesn't offer any meaningful opinion on politics, fraud, religion, etc.

G**gle doesn't care if the site is solely to advertise an extremely offensive porn site or prescription drugs, just as long as it doesn't offend a bottom-scraping internet thug who tramples his victims as he tears their hard-earned cash out of their pockets with his phony get-rich-quick schemes.

They may deny what I'm publicly posting right here, but if they do, they'll have to explain to me why I have to delete account after account, DAILY, of people with Ads*nse on their porn and pill blogs who try to join the  Busy Bee Safelist Community Forums. 

G**gle has bought out one of the companies who host some of my blogs, so my relationship with that company is about to end.  I'm not being kicked off, but I have to ask the question, "Why should I contribute to the overall content of G**gle, 1.) when it puts me in the same company as the pimps and perverts who advertise pills and porn via meaningless 'stories' on their meaningless blogs and 2.) when real content is turned down in favour of meaningless babble just in case a crook gets offended?"

I really have to wonder what would happen to G**gle if everyone decided not to use their services any more?  It's very unlikely that it would ever happen, but it really is a great example of the politics of greed, when a company like theirs, that was built on the goodwill of free-thinking, intelligent, and generally honest people suddenly decides that these same people no longer matter.

To the board of G**gle, I would like to offer this explanation of *...  since your intellect seems to be so severely handicapped (sorry... challenged...) at this time.  Try replacing them with o between the g's in G**gle and between the s and n in Ads*nse...  Just don't get all offended on me...

God bless,

Arthur Webster

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Re: Why Google Hates Me...
7/8/2007 6:44:22 AM

Hi, Dave,

Welcome to the new real world where it is more important to be p.c. than it is to be truthful.

The looney left and the whimps have destroyed any opportunity that might present itself for serious conversation.

Today it is all about something called 'respect' - which basically means that you disagree with nobody and don't form an opinion - because it will be ..........istic for some vociferous minority.

A minority of one filthy scum bag can hold to ransom a thousand decent citizens by simply claiming you don't like him - because the looney left DARE NOT show themselves as anti anything that the rest of us don't like so they will castigate us for infringing the poor scum bag's civil liberties.

Don't blame Google - blame the new world wherein decency and responsibility are becoming dirty words.

The Old Coot

Jerilyn Merideth

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Re: Why Google Hates Me...
7/8/2007 6:45:32 AM

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the info!

It's a Very Sad when Porn and Pills are the way to make money.

Oh Yea ... (sorry... challenged...) ...

No Problem! LOL

At least I have Some Morals!

Take Care,



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Re: Why Google Hates Me...
7/8/2007 9:25:36 AM

Hi Dave,

Thanks again for another straight from the shoulder story. Sad really, they obviously didn't read your content. However as you mentioned it was a year ago you were excommunicated from their congregation - without notice or warning?  Perhaps Arthur's looney left expose needs to added to my looney right (aka A Law a day will stop Play) theory, where that only ones who matter are those in charge, mainly  if elected, by trotting out on a regular basis lies and deceit to the rest of us. Hmm....

It occurs to me that perhaps I could be next for the chop for this little ditty!  They haven't got in touch yet. Lol!

Have a Great Day,

Peter. We Will Have Our Say!!

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Don White

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Re: Why Google Hates Me...
7/8/2007 10:20:44 AM

Hi Dave,

Although I agree with what you are saying, Google is not considered a public forum.  It appears to me from what you wrote here, that Google interprets your comments as slanderous in nature.  

There are other ways to get your message "out there" and still remain in the confines of diplomacy.  You may have to "beat around the bush" a little, but the message will be read or heard, but most important is that it will be understood.   The trick is to never let them see you coming. 

I wish you well in your efforts.



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