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Welcome To AdlandPro's 99th Person Of The Week Awards Forum!!!
6/17/2007 6:21:51 PM

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Greetings To Everyone At AdlandPro From John Sanchez and Pauline Raina!

It’s time again for my favorite project of the week and that is the Feature of The Week! It is my favorite project because you folks and the POTW’s of the week make it a very special event. We are all so fortunate to be a part of this community that is made up of so many friendly and talented people. Thank you so much for your support and for making thist event so special. Love and Blessings to you all! John R. Sanchez


POTW forum Partners Pauline Raina and John Sanchez




The reason the Feature of the Week forum was created was to honor people who have a positive influence on this community. To qualify the person has to be an active member and one who contributes to the positive atmosphere here AdlandPro. Here are the criteria for nominating a member for the Feature of the Week (also referred to as the Person of the Week, POTW). This criterion can be seen at the site below:


How Do I Get Selected as Person of the Week?


To be chosen as Person of the week you:


• Are highly visible on the community

• Are always seen as respectful, professional, and helpful.

• Must be nominated for the program by another member of the   Community and voted on by other members.

• Must have a real photo of themselves on their profile.



Congratulations to Barb Doyle on winning AdlandPro's 99th Person of the Week award! Barb is the lady with the sweet and warm smile that matches her personality. She is a strong woman of Faith and a inspiration to all of us who know her. Barb, enjoy your POTW week you so much deserve!


Here's Barb's Bio:

Hello to all of you,

Thank you Pauline and John for all you do and for this forum.
I am thrilled to have received the honor of POTW! How exciting. Thank you all who voted for me.

I feel that AdlandPro is one of the very best communities on
the internet. I have been a member here since April 9, 2004.
I have met many wonderful people through this community.

To tell you a little about myself I am a Success Coach. I help
people to achieve better health naturally both physically and
emotionally and I help people to develop a growing monthly
income from home. It is a lot of fun. I love helping people to
make their dreams come true. Life is God's gift to us and
what we do with it is our gift to God.

I was born in Alaska. My dad was in the Air Force. We then
moved back to LeRoy, Illinois where my parents were from.
My parents were highschool sweethearts. When I was 5 we
moved to New Berlin, WI just outside of Milwaukee and then
a number of years later moved to the area I currently live in
which is about 40 minutes west of St. Louis, MO. I am married
to my bestfriend. We have been married just over two years.

I love this area. I have visited many other areas but simply
love this area. If you have never visited Missouri I really
encourage you to. There is a lot to see and do.

My dad passed away when I was 25 years old. He was just
47 and had never been sick a day in his life. He was diagnosed
with Lymphoma and passed away just four months after this.
This was really the beginning of my passion for wellness. I was
married in my twenties and my husband committed suicide. These two events were the two hardest things I have had to go through. My faith in God and my friends and family were what have always gotten me through the valleys in life. Also the loss of people close to me has made me appreciate the gift of life and to never take people for granted and to live each day to its fullest. I have a philosophy of first day/last day. Each day when I wake up I pretend that this is the very first day of my life. I work hard to not let what has happened in the past weigh me down with regrets. I
also have a sense of urgency. We don't know how much time we have and what if this is the last day? So I try to do all I can with each and every day.

I am here to help anyone in any way that I can. If I am not yet a friend of yours feel free to ask me to become one. Again thank you Pauline and John. You both are so awesome!

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.


Ok folks, now that you know this Angel of Adland better please take the time to congratulate her on winning the POTW award and please invite her to be your friend if she's not already on your list of friends.

Barb, it is truly mine an Pauline's honor to be featuring you this week. You are awesome my friend! Enjoy your week as our POTW and Queen of AdlandPro!  :-)

Love and Blessings to all of you from,


John Sanchez and Pauline Raina




Go vote for the 100th Person of the Week and go see who won the VOTW awards!:

And folks, come celebrate this momentous event of 100 POTW's, Georgios has thrown us a big party at his Philoxenia forum:

Kathy Kanouse

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Re: Welcome To AdlandPro's 99th Person Of The Week Awards Forum!!!
6/17/2007 6:34:34 PM
CONGRADS BARB! WTG!! WOO HOOO! Enjoy your week as the POTW. You deserve it.
Take care
Kathy K
La Nell !

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Re: Welcome To AdlandPro's 99th Person Of The Week Awards Forum!!!
6/17/2007 6:47:12 PM
Hi Queen Barb, :-) Enjoy your POTW and have fun! lol, LaNell   
Felicia Harris

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Re: Welcome To AdlandPro's 99th Person Of The Week Awards Forum!!!
6/17/2007 6:47:44 PM
Congratulations Barb!
Have a great week and enjoy your special time to shine!
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Mary Hannan

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Re: Welcome To AdlandPro's 99th Person Of The Week Awards Forum!!!
6/17/2007 6:49:42 PM
Hello John & Team,
Congradulations Barb!
Enjoy your week!

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