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6/14/2007 7:41:15 PM

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P.S. - Thanks, Steve, for creating this good forum.



Mark Specthrie
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Re: Earn Extra $$ Viewing Advertiser Websites! Join Hits4Pay.
6/18/2007 9:42:14 AM
You're welcome.  Good luck with this solid program.  I am already a member.
Adlandpro is one of my fave sites as the people are fanta-bulous, the networking is great, having a place to share ads and info rocks! For over 20 years now I've been part of a huge T.E.A.M., where "Together Everyone Achieves More." Our dreams and goals are to help as many folks succeed as possible no matter what occupation or biz you are in. I have 3 main blogs or websites, including expertise in blogging, forums, communities, network marketing, social networking, advertising, lead generation, SEO & more. Love connecting with like-minded individuals. Thanks so much, Mark Stephen Hauser of and my main blog
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