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Rosalind Brinson

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Re: Arts Exhibitions at Adland Pro #14
6/10/2007 7:08:46 PM


Your photography is breathtaking. I just finished reading the New York Times travel section today. The focus was on photography, and your shots give them a run for their money.

Congratulations on being featured, and much success!


Re: Arts Exhibitions at Adland Pro #14
6/11/2007 12:30:09 PM

Rose and visitors, THANK YOU so Much!  It does look terrific.  Also you can come visit me at  Since I got this show together I have blogged another group of photos and also am on look for either Makinart or IrisesPlus.

Rose, do you know that you can take a slide show file, or use Picassa (software)to "make a movie"and then be able to publish on YouTube?  It's fun,relatively easy, and let me know when you get there!  Thanks again everyone who helped in this show.

Mary MacIntyre

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Thomas Richmond

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Re: Arts Exhibitions at Adland Pro #14
6/12/2007 4:48:51 PM
Thanks Jenny for your direct email, Wow Rose i just love mid-western trees in spring and summer time, outstanding! I wish to have both the Ocean and those trees in the same area Lol. Great Pictures. Enjoy your week! All the best.  Thomas
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