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Re: Why is it gonna get real noisy?
6/4/2007 2:07:06 PM

You are so right Joan in everything you say, except that I say we knew about this evil long before we took action to exorcise it. We knew and yet we did nothing. 1,000's of innocnet women, chlidren and men died needlessly because we turned away from it. We didn't invade Germany to liberate the concentration camps, that came as an afterthought. What a shame! Well, on a lesser scale I'm not gonna sit by and watch the hearing-impaired get the shaft either. It's time for us to ACT and ACT we will. YOu have my word on that Joan. Thank you as always for you marvelous insights into man-unkind this time. Keep positng Joan, every one is a real gem.

Thank you so much!

Stve Hall


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