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Are you true to your soul's mission?
5/17/2007 8:04:59 PM



Whether you believe in the Christ or not, Edgar Cayce’s readings advocate that the Christ consciousness resides within each of us and that God seeks to express himself, (or herself), through us every day throughout our lives.  Furthermore, it is propagated that the soul’s, ultimate, mission is to be the manifestation of God on earth amongst human beings.


The Christ consciousness is, essentially,  based on the principle of how Jesus was able to set aside his material, and physical needs, wants and desires in order to develop, and manifest, qualities of God, such as: love, compassion, kindness, brotherhood with others and so forth.  These are the qualities, proposed by the readings, that are contained within every soul.  It is supposed that every soul is closely connected to the living Christ son of God.


In order for each of us to contact him, it is necessary that we feel “a state of wholeness” (reading 5749-4), whereby “our desires and talents are going in the same direction”, (reading 5749-4).  In other words our mind, body and soul need to be in perfect harmony with each other and we need to be, in some way, using our talents to carry out actions that reflect our desires.


In order to attain such a state, of being, it is necessary that an individual: a) use their free will appropriately by making correct choices for the greater good.  Free will is, in fact, the freedom man has to make a choice, one way or the other, for acting in his best, or worst interest and that of society at large; b)  has faith in the Divine to guide them and be ever present, in the form of the inner voice; and c) surrenders all fears.  For fear is the biggest culprit for impedance, and failure, in so many individuals.


Dedicating our time to others, helping them, making them happy in some way etc. are all ways of manifesting the Christ consciousness.  They, also, represent various ways of developing our very soul nature.  In fact, Cayce advocated that spiritual growth and closeness to God could only be achieved by this soul development.


In my opinion there are natural qualities, like those described in Cayce’s Christ consciousness, ingrained into every soul.  Since God created all souls it is only natural that they should contain his, (or her), qualities.  The soul’s blueprint is perfect in nature.  It is the soul’s incarnation, into the physical plane, which corrupts it and detracts it from its original state of being.


However, I believe that Jesus, like Mohammed and so may other great prophets are exceptional individuals who found a way to teach, and show others, the true meaning of manifesting God qualities.  They led exemplary lives, which inspired other human beings in a diverse range of ways.  They not, only, found a way to tap into their endless resources of God qualities but they paved the way, for others to follow, in a simplified manner that, best, suited the time and the space they occupied on earth.  I believe there is one Creator and one message.  It is not important what name we assign to the Creator, what is important is that we follow the Divine message, which is, ultimately, love.


I believe with Cayce, in so much, that I think that in order to connect with the Divine and live out his message, we need to be true to ourselves.  The real “us” residing within the shell we borrow for the time we occupy on earth.  We need to listen to our inner voice and the emotions that arise from each, and every action we carry out.  When we are true to ourselves, we can be true to others.  When we are happy within ourselves, we can make others happy.  When we love ourselves, we can share love with others.  Love, light and happiness are contagious but they have to be emanated in order to catch on and be spread.


My opinion is that the Divine is manifest in everything, everywhere around us, we just need to pay more attention to it.  We need to be aware of this factor and appreciate it for all the light and beauty it contains as a manifestation of the Creator’s love.   It is not sufficient to follow a path with heart one day, one month or even one year.  Following a path with heart is a lifetime mission in itself and, probably, the hardest one to follow and to be true to.


Selfless acts may be a manifestation of God’s qualities but only when they are carried out with pureness of heart and in love.  It is beyond me to judge anyone, but there are people who, in the name of Christianity carry out acts, apparently selfless, which are nothing more than a means to an end.  In other words, they use Christianity as a means of catering for their, own, selfish need for attention, glory or adulation, from others.  That is a false use of the Christ consciousness Cayce was referring to.  In fact, I would go as far as to say that the true intentions, and desires, at a much deeper level, are far more important than the acts themselves.  It is those that are the true connections to the Divine being.


I, also, believe that the soul does have its own agenda for development and that we, as individuals, have free will to steer ourselves one way or another.  Knowledge and love are, in my opinion, the ultimate quest the soul seeks to fulfil, in order to return to its Source.  However, we impede attainment of both based on the choices we make throughout our lives.  In fact, not all individuals rise to this calling because they get, too, caught up in material issues on this earthly plane.


My philosophy of life, and spirituality, is way too extensive to write here but, essentially, I believe, like Cayce, in a “wholeness of being”, mentally, spiritually and physically, in pure truth towards ourselves and others.  Love, respect, brotherhood, teaching, learning, listening and so forth are all gifts that we have and can share.  Sharing is learning to be one with others and is part of learning to be whole.


If we spent more time living the innate blueprint message of the Divine and less time arguing over it, or even what name we should assign to the Creator, there would be far less hate and far less wars in the world.


This article is subject to international copyright laws.  Any reproduction will be subject to prosecution.





Edgar Cayce readings:  5749-4, 5749-6, 5758-1, 479-1, 1567-2, 442-3, 987-4, 696-3

Courtesy of the A.R.E website.


“The New Millennium,”  television series




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Re: Are you true to your soul's mission?
5/17/2007 8:50:35 PM
Hi Venerina, This was interesting reading and pretty much sums up what I believe. However, I have trouble understanding how an evil person such as someone who is vicious, cruel, hateful etc. has the creator in them. It would seem impossible to kill 20 people and oneself and have the creator within their soul. What am I missing??

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